6 Week Digital Portfolio Course

6 Week Digital Portfolio Preparation Course

UK & EU: £1,536
International: £1,788
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

Monday-Thursday 9am-12noon

Through this course, you will cover and have a strong understanding of how to manipulate and present your digital artwork using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

You will learn to:
Comprehend image size and resolution
Set up documents and use the Adobe Photoshop tools efficiently
Explore a range of tools that enable you to transform and enhance images
Develop your knowledge of layers and masking techniques.
Understand different image file formats and when to use them
Acknowledge the relevance of RGB and CMYK and why they matter, along with other useful information regarding your digital work
Use Adobe InDesign to design templates for your Digital Portfolio using advanced modular gridding techniques as well as integrated gridding and grid deconstruction techniques

Please note that you will need to bring your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign installed (a 30 day trial is available from the Adobe website).

In preparation for the course please gather and collect your own images in organised titled folders, on your laptop and USB ready to start your course.

By the end of the course you will have prepared your own digital portfolio and have a confident and deeper understanding of how you could extend and re-edit your portfolio for various university or work interview application requests.

Topics Covered

  • Image size and resolution
  • Adobe Photoshop – image manipulation
  • Making selections within images
  • Transforming images: scale, colour, texture
  • Enhancing images: brightness, tone, contrast
  • Cleaning images: clone tool, healing tool
  • Understanding layers
  • Developing knowledge of masking techniques
  • Adobe InDesign – introductory layout design and image selection
  • Creating your own templates – advanced modular gridding, integrated gridding and grid deconstruction
  • Saving files for web, print and future editing
  • Exploring various formats for your digital portfolio, i.e. Flickr, Blogger, Carbonmade, PowerPoint, PDF and others
  • Titling


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