Additional Services

Helping you take the next step in your art/design application, qualification or career.

“In a small amount of time, I have learnt so much about new techniques, such as still life drawing and fashion design and creation. A really important aspect is that Julia listens to her students and allows them to develop their own styles and be original by themselves. Another important detail for me was that I was never underestimated because I was the youngest, but neither was I spoon-fed as she critiqued my work honestly.” – Kate Ter-Avanesov

Physical Portfolio Preparation

£84 per hour, 2 hours minimum = £168 per 2 hr session.
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

One-One Tutorials are a great opportunity for you to receive quality bespoke feedback on your personal requirements, which can either lead to a successful art and design portfolio, or for the practicing artist or designer, inspire innovative ideas and concepts, alongside the exploration of materials, process and technique.

Some Art and Design Portfolio Preparation Course tutees also choose to book One-One Tutorials for finalising the organisation of their portfolio and their online Foundation, UCAS or Masters applications. As well as professional development and a change in career.

We try to be flexible and offer a choice of pay-as-you-go or block booking.

Beginners to advanced level are welcome.

Each One-One Tutorial booking is delivered in 2-hour minimum sessions. During each session you will then be set specific tasks to learn or improve that relate to your personal needs. At the end of each session a ‘Independent Study’ outline will be discussed and drawn up for you to follow through in your own time. The whole process is very bespoke led which is ideal for your University applications.

Digital Portfolio Preparation

£84 per hour, 16 hours minimum
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

Digital Portfolio Preparation requires the booking of additional One-One Tutorials.

This preparation will include:

  • Photography of artwork
  • Selection of artwork
  • Digital manipulation of artwork
  • Grouping and sequencing of artwork
  • Finalisation of digital portfolio for required format
  • Aid with the upload of digital portfolio

One – One UCAS Application Support

£84 per hour, 2 hours minimum = £168 per 2 hr session.
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

One-One Tutorials can also be booked for support and advice on the whole online UCAS application process. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Which specialist field is best for you and your future career
  • Which University Art School in and out of London in the UK to apply to
  • Which of The Russell Group of Universities for Architecture, Film Studies and History of Art to apply to
  • Specialist art and design course choice support
  • Application mini project support and guidance (as specified by individual universities)
  • Online UCAS Application support
  • Personal Statement support (content and EFL support)
  • Support to meet each deadline of the UCAS application process
  • Interview Technique support
  • Confidence Building

Reference opportunity for committed portfolio tutees

£84 per hour, 2 hours minimum = £168 per 2 hr session.
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

For committed students this can also lead to receiving a very supportive reference from London Art Portfolio for your applications for:

  • Foundation
  • UCAS Undergraduate
  • Master

We have a close working relationship with:

  • Russell Group Universities
  • University of the Arts London
  • University of Creative Arts London
  • Goldsmiths
  • Kingston
  • Brighton Art School
  • Oxford Brookes
  • Plus many more art and design education institutions!


* Please note: We will not be liable for any cancellation of the course or tutorials once payment has been made. Non-attendance of classes due to illness or personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds.