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..At London Art Portfolio you are encouraged to seek inspiration everywhere, whatever stirs your passion, and afterwards introduced to an imaginative range of materials and techniques to visualise your ideas. The process was great fun and everyone on the course was really friendly and bounced off on each other’s skills and ideas. It was a pleasure to be there!..

– Anne Elmholt

..London Art Portfolio, and Julia in particular, gave me creative guidance and help throughout the course to make sure I achieved and produced work, not only I, myself was pleased with, but work that would get me accepted to the schools I applied to…

– Sophie Jebsen


..I’m currently an undergraduate student studying Architecture. After failing my first year I began to attend one-to-one tutorials at London Art Portfolio. After attending tutorials for a year I ended happily with a first and now moving onto second year!..

– Sylia Panayiotidou

..London Art Portfolio helped me find my creative self again, it helped me learn how to develop my own projects and how to present them properly. Fantastic team, great tutorials, vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. I will be eternally thankful to London Art Portfolio, especially to Julia, for helping me remember…

– Shanice Tang-Wah


..At first I was uncertain of my own abilities and I lacked confidence. That is why I decided to seek the expertise of Julia at London Art Portfolio. She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and starting from our first one-to-one tutorial I began to develop my drawing skills. She made sure that throughout our time together we explored different mediums, techniques and approaches…

– Annabelle Gee

..artistically I can continue to develop, grow, and complete projects with the right tools and of course, the right attitude.Thanks to this course, I began to understand the value of practising and honing your craft. It is important to know how to build a project from the ground up, with time and perseverance, but it is also important to back up your ideas with practiced skill. We went on trips to museums in order to draw, draw, draw….

– Simona Stoyanova