Perspective Drawing

An Introduction to Linear Perspective.

Course Outline

An understanding of linear perspective is a necessary aspect of accurate drawing. This introduction to linear perspective is designed to enhance your knowledge of one, two and three point perspective and how to present depth and volume in images.

This course is suitable for all levels: artists looking for a way of introducing depth and volume into their pictures; art students and potential art students – architecture, 3D design, theatre and set design, exhibition design; students of art history who want a practical insight into this significant aspect of Western art; anyone struggling with a representation of a design, for example kitchen or garden design.   

The aim of this portfolio-building workshop is to gain an understanding of this technical skill with a view to applying this knowledge to improve everyday drawing skills.

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6:30pm – 9:30pm
12 Weeks
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30th May – 15th August 2017

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