Beginners Painting

Drawing Into Painting: The Picture as a Stage

We are image makers and we are image-ridden

– Philip Guston


Course Outline

The course is designed to enhance and broaden the various skill-sets of the participants. Develop your work as a fine art practitioner in the fields of Painting, Drawing and Performance, or enhance and add quality work to build up your portfolio. Students from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome.

During the ten-week workshop, we will consider the history of Theatre and its implications for painting. We will explore the presence of theatre in painters from Bruegel, Titian and Caravaggio through to more modern movements such as Futurism and Expressionism.

Pictures can be like stage sets, with their protagonists, settings and props. We will consider the following:

  • How does a painting become a theatrical event?
  • How can figures within paintings interact with each other and their surroundings?
  • Is complex narrative worth trying to achieve, or is it preferable to give those who populate the painting much more basic, primal roles?

These are some of the investigations and questions we will debate and explore through drawing and paint. Students will be encouraged to carry out independent research investigating the crossovers between painting and theatre. This is a very exciting process.

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6:30pm – 9:30pm
*10 Weeks
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30th May – 15th August

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* There will be an Independent Study Period between 10th July – 23rd July