Foundation Course Facts

Essentials to know before applying!

How much is the London Art Portfolio Art and Design Foundation Course?

£9,000 (Price inclusive of 20% VAT*)


The following options give you a choice of whether to start this summer or wait until after the summer. If you start and end earlier you still have time to gain a few internships or work experiences before you start your BA or Masters studies.

When can I apply?

For the academic year 2021 – 2022, applications are open NOW!

Art and Design Foundation Course Dates

We have two start and end dates to choose from:

SUMMER START DATE: 5th July 2021 – 10th February 2021

AUTUMN START DATE: 6th September 2021-7th April 2022



First Term: 5th July- 12th August 2021

  • Summer Research Break: 13th August 2021 – 5th September 2021
  • Autumn Break: 15th December 2021 – 31st October 2021

Second Term: 1st November – 9th December 2021

  • Christmas Break 10th December 2021 – 3rd January 2022
  • Spring Research Break: 11th February 2022 – 27th February 2022


First Term: 6th September – 9th December 2021

  • Autumn Research Break: 15th October 2021 – 31st October 2021
  • Christmas Break: 10th December 2021 – 2nd January 2022

Second Term: 6th January – 9th April 2020

  • Spring Research Break: 11th February 2022 – 27th February 2022
  • Easter Break: 8th April – 24th April 2022


For further information visit our FAQs or contact us now.