10 Wk Art Portfolio Preparation Course

A great course that leads to success!

The 10 Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course primarily helps you prepare a successful portfolio for direct entry onto Degree and Masters levels courses. We can also help you with your next step professional opportunity too!


We deliver onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses, online portfolio courses, and 1-1- tuition. This applies to all of our art classes. We also deliver a Hybrid approach which allows more flexibility. This can be very helpful for many reasons: lifestyle choices,  you may be living in between countries or places, you may be too unwell to travel but can still join the group and continue your studi es online, or you may need to keep your accommodation and living costs down. We understand your personal decisions the choice is yours. We can teach and reach out to anyone in the world. What we do require is full attendance, whether it be onsite or online.

We offer a range of Portfolio Course start dates. Ideally, we aim for all students to start on the same date. We understand that sometimes applicants have unique circumstances, so we try our best to consider your application needs. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to allow late entries after the first few weeks, which will also require consultation. Late entries will be required to study on some Fridays to receive the full teaching programme. Please check the dates on this page.

Apply now.£4800 (incl vat)


Much emphasis is placed on innovative research, critical and contextual studies and debate. We embrace our students’ diverse cultures and experiences through socio-cultural, political and environmental discourse, always encouraging an exchange of ideas and concepts. Sustainability plays an essential role in the studies at London Art Portfolio. We prepare you for your futures of today and tomorrow!

During the 10-Week Portfolio Preparation Course, you will receive ongoing feedback. Experienced portfolio tutors will support you throughout this process. All tutors are professional, practising artists and designers; many are directors of their own established design companies.

London Art Portfolio will help you prepare for your future University Art School applications for UK, EU and International Universities. We have in-depth knowledge of the UK and International education systems and can quickly identify what is required for your portfolio! We are up to date with the many digital changes taking place in the university systems.

The 10 week Course allows you to create another Portfolio Project, apply what you learnt from the first 6-week Course block and raise the level of that. In this way, you can prepare a range of artwork that truly starts enriching and raising the level of your work, perfect for serious applications and interviews.

We can offer you additional 1-1 Tutorial support to overview past work and advise on what should be included in your portfolio. Make a successful application for Foundation, BA Degree, a Masters Degree, or aim for your dream job or promotion.



This particular programme of study allows you to build up a significant amount of focused artwork. It is ideal for anyone who is seriously planning to apply to University either for a Degree level or Masters level in art and design and also a Foundation Course if that’s what your goal is. This is also a great course to help you prepare a more professional portfolio for job interviews too. We are very popular with ‘Career Change’ applicants looking to return to art or design and to re-direct their careers and lifestyle. We can help you get there!

The 10-Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course can prepare you for the UK, EU and International University applications. We are very familiar with the education systems from around the world. This is the perfect way to extend your creative social circle people and make new British, EU and International friends

London Art Portfolio offers a full-time 10-Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course programme in art and design. We help you prepare a portfolio for many different specialist fields within art and design, i.e. Fine Art, Fashion Design, Fashion, Business & Communication, Fashion Art Direction, Styling, Architecture Design, 3D, Product Design Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation, plus more. In the Digital Age, the choice of subjects to apply for and work in has increased enormously.

Career & Mentor advice on:

  • University Application Process
  • University placements for all levels
  • University course content and expectations
  • Physical Portfolio Preparation
  • Career Change Support
  • Bespoke Digital Portfolio designed for each University or job application
  • Career advice and business advice in the creative arts industries
  • Work placements
  • Design Solutions
  • Personal Development

We can be your personal mentor, support you through your university studies, assist you with work placements and help you with your start-Up Business ideas. Contact us to find out more.



When you complete a Portfolio Course at LAP, the aim is for you to leave with a creative, innovative portfolio, well thought through and well presented for a range of personal goals. Full attendance is required, and all students need to follow the course programme closely and be willing to extend work in their time.

Portfolio Course:  You will complete the course with a prepared portfolio that will present a range of hands-on drawing skills alongside 2D and 3D design skills.  This is all essential for successful University and work applications. LAP students can draw and design by hand and use various computer-aided design programmes. Personal goals and aspirations are considered throughout. One of the aims of the 10-Week Portfolio course is to complete two very different Portfolio Projects to demonstrate your strengths, a broad range of ideas and skills. You are taught how to build up and extend your art and design vocabulary to prepare for a potential online live interview and a possible additional written request.

One-One Mentoring: A very bespoke portfolio. Clients can contact us for specific portfolio preparation. This can focus on specific University or professional portfolio requirements, i.e  Physical Portfolio, hands-on skills, Digital Portfolio, Digital skills, professional design project, Fine Art Gallery exhibition support, Curatorial advice or particular creative arts business support.

We help you design a portfolio that can meet your individual needs and requirements.


Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 4 pm

Tuition: 9 am-12 noon

Afternoons Self Study: 1 pm – 4pm

Students are expected to continue their morning study independently each afternoon and to be ready to share their work the following morning to receive helpful feedback. In this way, you can fully benefit from our portfolio course programme.

Online study: LAP uses Zoom. Please have PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or the Google Suite already set up on your computer, with plenty of space and an external drive or USB.

It is essential that your independent follow-up study continues whether your studies are online or on-site. Full attendance is expected.



This course is suitable for all levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are all welcome. We are also popular with Change of Career applicants and others who want to change direction within their art or design career. We can help you!

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