24 Week Portfolio Preparation Course

Art and design portfolio preparation in 24 weeks

How much is this course? £9,000 (incl. of 20% VAT)

Early Payment Special Support Offer: to include the writing and editing of your UCAS Application Statement and offer of a Reference for anyone who fully attends and follows the course closely.

Valid for Bookings:

Received before 29th April 2019

Commencing before: 13th December 2019


What we offer:   London Art Portfolio offers a full time 4 Week Portfolio Preparation Course programme in art and design from 9 am – 4 pm each day, Monday-Thursday. The week consists of up to 16 hours of tuition per week and offers free studio and desk space until 4pm. The day starts at 9 am.

Who is it suitable for?  This course is suitable for all levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are all welcome. Perfect for Gap Year and Career Change applicants!