4 Wk Art Portfolio Preparation Course

A great way to start your art portfolio preparation

The 4-week Art Portfolio Preparation Course programme at London Art Portfolio offers the ideal startup portfolio course.

Price: £1,593 (incl vat)


Much emphasis is placed on alternative research, idea development and concept building. Professional, experienced portfolio tutors will support you throughout this process. During the 4-Week Portfolio Preparation Course, you will receive ongoing feedback.

This 4-Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course can add to a previous body of work, or can be the ideal way to start up a portfolio as a beginner. We can offer you additional 1-1 Tutorials support to overview past work and advise, what should be included in your portfolio. Our students are successful!

London Art Portfolio will help you prepare for your future University Art School applications for UK, EU and International Universities. We have in-depth knowledge of other education systems and can quickly identify what is required for your portfolio! This is a great opportunity to meet and be inspired by other artists and designers and expand your international social circle in the arts!



London Art Portfolio offers a full-time 4-Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course programme in art and design. We help you prepare a portfolio for a number of different specialist fields within art and design. These include Fine Art, Fashion Design, Architecture and 3D Design and Graphic Design plus more.

The week consists of 28 hours. You will receive up to up to 16 hours of tuition per week plus free studio and desk space until 4 pm Monday – Thursday.

Each day starts at 10 am – 1 pm. Lunch is 1 pm – 2 pm

Make the most of working in artist studios and make the new UK and international creative friends! This is a great way to start and learn some new skills and ideas!

Who is it suitable for?  This course is suitable for all levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced are all welcome.