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Portfolio Preparation Courses in an excellent studio location next to Tower Bridge near the River Thames

We run portfolio preparation courses throughout the year, including a Summer Portfolio School and short courses at Half Term, Easter Break and Christmas. We welcome, beginners, intermediate and more advanced level artists and designers. One of the most important deadlines to work towards is the UCAS University January 15th deadline, autumn and winter portfolio courses fill up fast!

When you apply to London Art Portfolio, we assess and identify your level of creativity, skills and innovation. For beginners, we discover which specialist area of art and design interests you and if you have attended any previous art and design classes; this is ideal for career change applicants too. In this way our experienced team of tutors can deliver bespoke support and advice, as you progress through the course.

Through the portfolio preparation course programme you will increase your knowledge and awareness of the creative process and thinking necessary to build a strong, successful body of work. This can then be selected and prepared for your application portfolio.

The course programme delivers portfolio preparation courses in fine art, fashion and textile design, architecture design, photography and graphic design. Within these subject areas we can also offer tuition and support for specialist subjects such as transport design, animation, visual merchandising, fashion promotion and marketing and much more. If you have a particular area of study that you need to prepare a portfolio for, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our courses are also a great opportunity to extend your art and design English vocabulary in preparation for your applications and interviews.

At London Art Portfolio we try to offer a range of flexible programmes that can fit into your lifestyle, to enable you to study and enrich your life with art and design.

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