Art & Design Foundation Course 2023

Excellent success for BA and MA applications + we offer flexible start dates with a small group size

The London Art Portfolio Foundation Course in Art and Design is excellent value for International students!

The course is a diagnostic study method delivered over an intense, focused 24-week programme. On our Foundation Course, you can explore various art and design disciplines, experiment with different materials, techniques and approaches, and build a successful portfolio of work for UK, EU and international degree applications. We have the knowledge and experience of global art education systems, their expectations and requirements. We will prepare you with strong hand drawing and design skills, plus a range of design software skills in Adobe and 3D Rhinoceros.

We can place you in the top UK and international universities.

An instalment Plan can be offered. Contact to discuss further.

Small group sizes with full attendance should lead to success for committed students!

An instalment Plan can be offered. Contact to discuss further.

Apply now. Course price: £11,000 (incl vat)


We deliver onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses, online portfolio courses, and 1-1- tuition. These options apply to all of our art classes. We also deliver a Hybrid approach which allows more flexibility. This flexibility can be beneficial for many reasons: lifestyle choices; you may be living in between countries or places, you may be too unwell to travel but can still join the group and continue your studies online, or you may need to keep your accommodation, living and travel costs down. We understand your personal decisions; the choice is yours.

We have the skills and expertise to teach each level. We can prepare and reach out to anyone in the world. We require full attendance, whether it be onsite or online. The longer you study with us, the more you learn! Beginners, career change applicants and professionals are all welcome.

Choose any of the following:

  • onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses and 1-1- tutorial support
  • live online portfolio preparation courses, 1-1 tuition and mentor support
  • blended hybrid learning is the perfect solution for some students.

The London Art Portfolio Preparation courses are a fantastic way to meet new people in the creative arts. You will also extend your knowledge in Critical and Contextual Studies and build up your knowledge of historical and contemporary artists and designers, perfect for your portfolio and the interview process. Students are encouraged to embrace socio-cultural, political, and environmental research and discussion, emphasizing learning from each other’s rich, diverse backgrounds, always facilitating an exchange of ideas and concepts. Sustainability plays an essential role in the studies at London Art Portfolio. We aim for LAP students to be future leaders in the arts and design industries!

The London Art Portfolio Preparation courses are a fantastic way to meet new people in the creative arts. LAP students are from London, around the UK, Europe, and the world. We are located within easy reach of vibrant creative areas such as Tower Bridge, Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Hackney, with many sociable parks and canals walk. There is a wide choice of accessible transport and bike lane links to all parts of London; you can reach anywhere relatively quickly, which is excellent!