What Is Clerkenwell Design Week?

Considered by many throughout the industry as the “leading independent design event”, Clerkenwell Design Week will be held from 21 to 23 May, 2019 and will feature a wide range of professional design elements. In fact, Clerkenwell Design Week is the who’s who of creatives in the 3D design, furniture, product and graphic design industries. With 20,000 to 50,000 visitors and more than 500 exhibitors attending this annual design event, it is one of the largest of its kind in the UK.

Figure 2 Don’t Miss The 2019 Clerkenwell Design Week And The Chance To See Some Of The Industry’s Top Designers

Located in Clerkenwell, UK, Clerkenwell Design Week offers event attendees and media hundreds of creative businesses and architects making it perfect for the rich and diverse community that bears its namesake. Featured this year, will be more local UK and international brands, companies and independents than ever before in the event’s history. All presented in a series of local showroom events, engaging exhibitions and special interactive installations throughout the area, the events that make up Clerkenwell Design Week are sure to please any aspiring or professional designer.

Local Showrooms

Every year, many local design showrooms partner with Clerkenwell Design Week to provide interesting and engaging events relevant to the main event’s mission. These can include talks, workshops and product launches as well as interactive displays that enable the public to become a part of the design process. From lighting, kitchen and bathroom brands, to high-end furniture makers, material manufacturers and more, you will find some of the top brands and companies the industry has to offer.

Exhibitors And More

Companies including 2tec2, Apres Furniture, Newby of London and many more will be on hand to show off their latest designs and innovative creations. The 2019 programme will be announced soon so be sure to watch the Clerkenwell Design Week for more information.

If you are a designer, design brand or just interested in the latest design trends, be sure not to miss the 2019 Clerkenwell Design Week and see the designers that are changing the future of the industry.

Contact Clerkenwell Design Week

To learn more about Clerkenwell Design Week, or to register as a designer, contact the Clerkenwell Design Week team online at clerkenwelldesignweek.com today!

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Jean-Michel Basquiat at The Barbican


The first large-scale exhibition in the UK of the work of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960—1988).

Discover the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, the pioneering prodigy of the 1980s downtown New York art scene. This unprecedented exhibition at The Barbican brings together an outstanding selection of more than 100 works from international museums and private collections.

Engage in the explosive creativity of Basquiat who worked with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Blondie, among others. Featuring rare film, photography and archive material, the show captures the spirit of this self-taught artist, poet, DJ and musician whose influence, since his death at 27 in 1988, has been enormous.

Beazley Designs of the Year 2017

18 October 2017 – 28 January 2018
Entry: £10
Design Museum

The annual Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition returns, presenting the very best in innovative and contemporary design from the past year.

Now in its 10th year, the exhibition will bring together over 60 global projects across six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport. Nominated by renowned academics, critics and designers each project has been recognised for its outstanding contribute to design.

The public vote will be open online from October 2017 and a jury of industry experts will decide on the award winners in January 2018.



GIACOMETTI at Tate Modern

until 10th September 2017
Tate Modern

Tate Modern presents the UK’s first major retrospective of Alberto Giacometti for 20 years!

A renowned sculptor, painter and draughtsman, this exhibition reasserts Giacometti’s place alongside the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Degas as one of the great painter-sculptors of the twentieth century.

Through access to the phenomenal collection and archive of the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, Paris, Tate Modern’s exhibition brings together over 250 works. It includes rarely seen plasters and drawings which have never been exhibited before and showcases the full evolution of Giacometti’s career across five decades.


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The Trickle-Down Syndrome – Benedict Drew

7th June – 10th September 2017
Free Entry
Whitechapel Gallery

Benedict Drew works across video, sculpture and music, creating large-scale multimedia installations which comment on the effects of socio-political and environmental issues. The artist’s most ambitious public presentation in the UK is on show at the Whitechapel Gallery this summer.

The Trickle-Down Syndrome is a new work comprising five connected yet distinct spaces which draw on wide-ranging references, from Hollywood director Busby Berkley’s 1930s stage-sets to the Surrealist landscapes of Max Ernst, continuing the artist’s exploration into materiality, where the physical and digital meet.

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21st April – 7th May 2017


A complete celebration of the medium of photography.

The Somerset House presents the Sony Wold Photography Awards & Martin Parr – 2017 Exhibition which features rich and fascinating photographic stories from key figures and emerging talent of the photography scene today.

Celebrating 10 years of the awards exhibition, this year’s edition includes a special exhibition of rarely seen work by British photographer Martin Parr, recipient of the awards’ Outstanding Contribution to Photography prize.

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Perfume at Somerset House

21st June – 17th September 2017


Multi-sensory exhibition at Somerset House featuring ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators, who have radically changed our perceptions of fragrance over the last 20 years.

Discover a vibrant new perfume scene, the contemporary cult perfumes shaking up scent culture and the unseen works of art worn on our skin.

From the self-taught to the classically trained, the exhibition explores perfumers reworking their palette of ingredients to construct original and outrageous signatures which assault all of the senses. Providing insights into processes, engaging in discussions and even taking inspiration from customers, they have offered a much more accessible approach to perfumery that’s unlike anything seen before.

Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017 at Tate Modern

Until June 2017


From intimate still-lifes and portraits, to images that address vital political issues, explore the photographs of this groundbreaking artist.

This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern and brings together works in an exciting variety of media – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music – all staged by the artist in characteristically innovative style.

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The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945 at Barbican

23 March 2017 – 25 June 2017


The Barbican presents The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945, the first major UK exhibition to focus on Japanese domestic architecture from the end of the Second World War to now – a field which has consistently produced some of the most influential and extraordinary examples of modern and contemporary design. Featuring over 40 architects, ranging from renowned 20th century masters and internationally celebrated contemporary architects to exciting figures little known outside of Japan, the exhibition celebrates some of the most ground-breaking architectural projects of the last 70 years.

At the heart of the exhibition is an ambitious and unprecedented full-size recreation of the Moriyama House (2005) by Pritzker-prize winning architect Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA). Visitors can weave in and out of the fully furnished units and garden, experiencing the remarkable house of Mr Moriyama in an immediate and physical way. Filling the other half of the Barbican’s lower galleries will be an eccentric and lovingly crafted Japanese tea house, commissioned for the exhibition from acclaimed architect, and highly respected historian of Japanese architecture, Terunobu Fujimori.

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Digital Territories: Photography in the Online Environment at Barbican

Friday 24th March 2017



Magnum photographer and publisher of Burn Magazine David Alan Harvey, will be in conversation with Magnum’s Digital Director Anne Bourgeois-Vignon and Rory Blain, Director of Sedition, to discuss the online space as a home for photography, for making, sharing, exhibiting, saving, following the launch of Magnum’s new digital publishing platform last July.

The speakers will tackle pertinent questions relating the implications of photography ‘living’ online; and what this means for photographers, publishers of, and consumers of photography. How can practitioners harness online communities to develop their practice and grow their audience? Where do we save and share our visual lives, and what does this mean for our visual literacy and memory?

The talk at the Barbican will be chaired by Aaron Schuman (curator, photographer and writer)

Aida Silvestri: Unsterile Clinic

Until 17th September 2016

Aida-Silvestri_installOn the second floor of Autograph ABP, Shoreditch, Aida Silvestri hascreated an exhibition of works to raise awareness of the widespread practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The ‘Unsterile Clinic’ project sees Silvestri interview and photograph women in London who are among the 125 million living globally with the effects of female genital mutilation.

Silvestri captures the women in silhouette to protect their identity, and each photograph is overlaid with a hand-crafted vagina constructed out of leather. The sculptural photo-works are accompanied by text poems based on interviews conducted with participants whose personal testimonies provide harrowing insight into their experiences. Some have since undergone reconstructive or reversal procedures – which part-remedies the physical damage inflicted onto their bodies, yet the psychological and emotive scars remain in perpetuity.

Wifredo Lam at Tate Modern

14th September 2016 – 8th January 2017
£16 entry

x62246One of the most notable Cuban artists of the twentieth century, born of mixed heritage, Wifredo Lam (1902 – 1982) pursued a successful artistic career within avant-garde circles on both sides of the Atlantic, and was closely associated with twentieth-century artistic and literary icons such as Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Aimé Césaire, Lucio Fontana and Asger Jorn. His work addresses themes of social injustice, nature and spirituality, and was greeted internationally with both consternation and acclaim.

This exhibition, sponsored by EY, at Tate Modern, celebrates Lam’s life and work and confirms his place at the centre of global modernism.


States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness – Wellcome Collection

4 February 2016 – 16 October 2016

States-of-mind-mainThis exhibition at the Wellcome Collection examines the perspectives from artists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists to interrogate our understanding of the conscious experience.

Exploring phenomena such as somnambulism, synaesthesia, and disorders of memory and consciousness, the exhibition examines ideas around the nature of consciousness, and in particular what can happen when our typical conscious experience is interrupted, damaged or undermined.


‘States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness’ features a series of changing installations. The final one is ‘Time Present’ by Shona Illingworth, from 19 July until 16 October.

The exhibition will also feature work by artists Carla MacKinnon, Louise K Wilson, A. R. Hopwood, Mary Kelly and Aya Ben Ron.


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William Eggleston at National Portrait Gallery

Capture321st July – 23rd October 2016

William Eggleston is a pioneering American photographer renowned for his vivid, poetic and mysterious images. This exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery presents 100 works surveying Eggleston’s full career from the 1960s to the present day and is the most comprehensive display of his portrait photography ever.


Eggleston is celebrated for his experimental use of colour and his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1976 is considered a pivotal moment in the recognition of colour photography as a contemporary art form.

Also on display will be a selection of never-before seen vintage black and white prints from the 1960s. Featuring people in diners, petrol stations and markets in and around the artist’s home in Memphis, Tennessee, they help illustrate Eggleston’s unique view of the world.


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Mark Wallinger: Self Reflection

28th July 2016 – 25th September 2016

A To mark the Freud Museum London‘s 30th anniversary and the 160th anniversary of the birth of Sigmun Freud, Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger has put together a special exhibition. The artist has created a transformative work for Freud’s study and a permanent sculpture situated in the Museum garden.


Wallinger has installed a mirror across the entire ceiling of the iconic study offering visitors a dramatic new perspective for Self Reflection. In the artist’s words: ‘The relative posture of the sitting analyst and the recumbent analysand are latent in Freud’s chair and the couch. We can easily imagine his patient’s self-reflection.’


Placed in the garden, in clear view from Freud’s desk, you will see the sculpture Self, which takes the form of the most basic expression of what it means to exist as an individual: the letter “I,” as a free-standing figure.
Contextually, this sculpture has obvious magnitude; the formation of the id, ego, and superego is predicated on knowledge of the self and how it is established.

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To celebrate 10 years of the London Design Fair, Decorex and the London Design Fair will partner for the 2016 London Design Festival.

This collaboration between two complementary shows will see both present their exhibition consecutively, with Decorex open between 18 and 21 September and the London Design Fair from 22 to 25 September. One ticket will be valid at both shows, which means that visitors will be able to access two major destinations of London Design Fair for virtually the entire festival for the price of one.


While both shows champion a different aspect of the design community, by joining forces Decorex and the London Design Fair are offering visitors a broader perspective on design. Through this enhanced experience, they are encouraging them to engage in an even wider discussion on the emerging trends and topics facing the industry today.


The London Design Festival 2016

LDF16_Applications_160418-1002x70917th-25th September 2016

Held annually to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world, The London Design Festival acts as the gateway to the international creative community.


This year, London Art Portfolio’s tutor, Matteo, will be participating in a joint exhibition and pop-up shop with 1 millimetre and Matter of Stuff.

They will be unveiling their ‘SLIT’ table along with previous work.

Zizzi Italian Restaurant – St Katharine’s Docks


Across the Tower Bridge from the London Art Portfolio Studios, visit Zizzi Ristorante at St Katharine’s Docks for fresh Italian cuisine.


We recommend the Rustica Pizza Primavera which includes goats’ cheese, aubergine, artichoke, peppers, olives, mozzarella, balsamic tomatoes, super green pesto & rocket on a thin wholemeal, white & spelt base.


Why not visit this summer to indulge upon their seasonal specials that are bursting with flavour! We will be trying the Pollo Fresca Salad made of torn roast chicken, roasted nectarines & crispy prosciutto with mixed leaves, cannellini beans, courgette ribbons, balsamic tomatoes, radish & omega seeds, all tossed in green pesto.

pollo fresca salad


Missoni Art Colour – Fashion and Textile Museum

6 May – 4 September 2016

Explore the creative process of Italian fashion house Missoni and the textiles of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in the context of 20th century fine art.


MISSONI ART COLOUR showcases over 60 years of fashion alongside paintings by leading 20th century European artists, and previously unseen textile studies, paintings and Arazzi by Ottavio Missoni. The personal artwork of Missoni is mixed with modernist masterpieces, including the work of Sonia Delaunay, Lucio Fontana and Gino Severini, that have influenced Ottavio and Rosita in the development of their signature graphic style. These works are drawn from the MA*GA Art Museum, Gallarate and from private collections in Italy, and the majority have never been exhibited in the UK. The selection of fashion looks, designed by Angela Missoni since 1997, is drawn from the company’s archive, starting in 1953 to the present day.


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Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

Victoria and Albert Museum
16 April 2016 – 12 March 2017

Discover the evolution of underwear design from the 18th-century to the present day.


Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear features over 200 examples of underwear for men and women, highlighting the enduring themes of innovation and luxury. From the custom-made, such as a rare example of home-made ‘stays’ worn by a working woman in England in the 18th-century, to pieces by current designers including Stella McCartney, Rigby & Peller and Paul Smith, the exhibition explores the relationship between underwear and fashion. It covers notions of the ideal body, and the ways that cut, fit, fabric and decoration can reveal issues of gender, sex and morality.


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Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern

Performance Still 1985, 1995 Mona Hatoum born 1952 Presented by Tate Patrons 2012 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P80087

Until 21 AUGUST 2016

A comprehensive exploration into 35 years of Mona Hatoum’s work in Britain, from her early performance and video works to her sculpture and large-scale installation.


Hatoum’s work creates a challenging vision of our world, exposing its contradictions and complexities, often making the familiar uncanny. Through the juxtaposition of opposites such as beauty and horror, she engages us in conflicting emotions of desire and revulsion, fear and fascination.



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Tate Modern’s New Building

On 17 June 2016 Tate Modern opened its new building, displaying a great variety of artworks and artists from around the world, presenting an increasingly international view of modern and contemporary art.


The new building is ten-storeys high! Its height responds to the chimney of the existing Tate Modern building which was originally designed as a power station by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1950s. Its twisting, pyramid-like shape will be a memorable addition to London’s skyline and will offer 60% more space for visitors to explore.

From The Tanks on Level 0 you can go all the way up to Level 10 and enjoy the spectacular new roof terrace with 360-degree views of the river Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral and the dramatic London skyline!

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

13 June — 21 August 2016


Discover exciting new talent alongside established stars of the art world at the annual Summer Exhibition. With over 1,200 works showcasing everything from watercolour paintings to videos and photography there is something for everyone.

Vogue 100 at the National Portrait Gallery

COSfiBvWoAAnunO11th February – 22nd May 2016

An exhibition to celebrate Vogue’s centenary.

Vogue 100: A Century of Style at the National Portrait Gallery will showcase the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916, with over 280 prints from the Condé Nast archive and international collections being shown together for the first time to tell the story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.


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Strange and Familiar at The Barbican

Strange and Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers
16 March 2016 – 19 June 2016

This exhibition at the Barbican, curated by the iconic British photographer Martin ParrStrange and Familiar considers how international photographers from the 1930s onwards have captured the social, cultural and political identity of the UK.

From social documentary and portraiture to street and architectural photography, the exhibition celebrates the work of leading photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson,Rineke Dijkstra, Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand. Bringing together over 250 compelling photographs and previously unseen bodies of work, Strange and Familiarpresents a vibrant portrait of modern Britain.

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Architecture Student Success into Bartlett, UCL

Fantastic news from one of our 24 Week Portfolio Preparation students, who has been accepted to study her BSc Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL!

13010666_993286150754270_8001190399558161573_nJoin London Art Portfolio for a bespoke programme to support you with your successful applications at all levels and aim for the top universities in the UK and internationally too.

12970780_993284840754401_4798326208859483749_oContact us now for more information on how we can help you achieve your dreams.


Paul Strand: Photography and Film for the 20th Century

Paul Strand

19 March – 3 July 2016

Exhibiting the work of American photographer and film maker, Paul Strand (1890-1976), the V&A being the first museum to exhibit his work in the UK since the his death. Paul Strand is known as being one of the greatest and most influential photographers of the 20th century, whose images have defined the way fine art and documentary photography is understood and practiced today.


Data and Technology

Somerset House

Big Bang Data

bigbangdata3 December 2015 – 20 March 2016

Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.
Explore how the datafied world affects us all through the work of artists, designers, innovators and thinkers through this exhibition.


Whitechapel Gallery

Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966)

download29 January – 15 May 2016

A major exhibition bringing together over 100 works to show the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists from the mid-1960s to the present day.

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Sicily culture and conquest – British Museum

sicily_lead_62421 April – 14 August 2016

The largest island in the Mediterranean. The home of Mount Etna. A cultural centre of the ancient and medieval world.


Sicily has been shaped by waves of conquest and settlement by different peoples over 4,000 years. Over time, this series of conquests forged a cultural identity unlike any other.

This exhibition at the British Museum tells Sicily’s fascinating stories – from the arrival of the Greeks and their encounters with the Phoenicians and other settlers, to the extraordinary period of enlightenment under Norman rule in the 11th to 13th centuries.


In the exhibition, ancient Greek sculpture, architectural decorations from temples, churches and palaces, early coinage, stunning gold jewellery, and Norman mosaics and textiles demonstrate Sicily’s diversity, prosperity and significance over hundreds of years.

Discover an island with a cosmopolitan history and identity.

Botticelli in London

The Courtauld Gallery

Botticelli - Courtauld18 February – 15 May 2016

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a rich selection of Sandro Botticelli’s exquisite drawings for Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’.  Also included is an extraordinary group of illuminated manuscripts from the Renaissance.


Victoria and Albert Museum

Botticelli - VandA5 March 2016 – 3 July 2016

This innovative exhibition at the V&A explores the enduring impact of the Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) from the Pre-Raphaelites to today. The exhibition is organised by the V&A and the Gemäldegalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.


The exhibition includes over 50 original works by Botticelli, alongside works by artists such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, William Morris, René Magritte, Elsa Schiaparelli, Andy Warhol and Cindy Sherman.

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Making it: Careers in Art & Design at V&A Museum

Following on from our successful workshop delivered at the V&A, in collaboration with Samsung Digital Classrooms, in November 2015, Julia Dennis will be attending and presenting at the V&A’s Making It: Careers in Art and Design 2016 (16-24 Years) event. Julia will be explaining more about Digital Portfolios and how to present yourself in the best way possible for your applications.


This is a free, drop in event throughout the V&A Museum this Saturday 5th March from 11am-5pm.

Feel free to visit Julia for some advice in the Tapestries Gallery before and after the talk at 1pm.

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London Fashion Week 2016

London Fashion Week AW16
19th – 23rd February 2016

London Fashion Week is underway…whether you are visiting the shows themselves or on the streets of London, you will be sure to experience the interesting fashionable atmosphere.

Be sure to visit www.londonfashionweek.co.uk for more highlights from designers such as Alexander McQueen, Mary Karantzou, Min Yu and Temperley London.

AlexanderMcQueen2 AlexanderMcQueen1 MaryK1 Temperley1 NatashaZinko1 PaulSmith1

Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy

19 September — 13 December
Saturday – Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 10pm
Main Galleries, Burlington House

dscn8042Major artist and cultural phenomenon Ai Weiwei takes over the main galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts with his exceptionally thought provoking and visionary works.

Ai Weiwei became widely known in Britain after his sunflower seeds installation in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall in 2010 but this is the first major institutional survey of his work ever held in the UK and it bridges over two decades of his extraordinary career.

aiweiweijailoneCurated in collaboration with Ai Weiwei from his studio in Beijing, the RA presents some of his most important works from the time he returned to China from the US in 1993 right up to present day.

8742With typical boldness, the chosen works explore a multitude of challenging themes, drawing on his own experience to comment on creative freedom, censorship and human rights, as well as examining contemporary Chinese art and society.

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CinemaItaliaUK – Italian Film Screenings in London


For the first time the best contemporary Italian films have a permanent silver screen in London!

Once a month, Londoners will watch new films – with English subtiles –  recently released in Italy and not yet on DVD for the British at Mile End’s Genesis Cinema.



Never miss an Italian film again: the aim of CinemaItaliaUK, by Clara Caleo Green in collaboration with the Sicilian journalist Francesca Marchese, is to source inner gems and create a regular appointment for Italy-addicted film lovers in London and in the UK.


CinemaItaliaUK offers a great opportunity to discover compelling stories, young artists and to understand better what’s going on in Italy through the world of cinema – current events, comedies, docu-fictions and documentaries – although it is very mindfull of the masterpieces by De Sica, Antonioni, Pasolini, Visconti, Fellini and of all more recent filmakers.

For more information visit CinemaItaliaUK


BFI London Film Festival 2015

7-18 October 2015. Be the first to see the world’s best new films at venues across London.

238 films. From 71 countries. 16 cinemas. 12 days. One Festival.

From family to cult movies, love films to thrillers, there is something for your individual taste so be sure to check it out!


For more information and to see the full listing of films and events and book your tickets visit: https://whatson.bfi.org.uk/lff/Online/

London Design Festival 2015


The London Design Festival 2015 will be held 19 – 27 September 2015.

Conceived by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans and first staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world’s most important annual design events. Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans wanted to build on London’s existing design activity, their concept was to create an annual event that would promote the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to a deliver an unmissable celebration of design.


The Festival programme is made up of over 300 events and exhibitions staged by hundreds of Partner organisations across the design spectrum and from around the world.


London Art Portfolio’s specialist 3D Design tutor, Matteo Fogale will be participating in this years festival along with Laetitia de Allegri. They will be joining forces with Johnson Tiles to create a colourful installation on the bridge over the Medieval and Renaissance galleries.


New Portfolio Course beginning Monday 7th September

We had a great summer and said a fond farewell to some lovely students who we hope will visit in the near future.

On Monday 7th September, we look forward to welcoming some new students to London Art Portfolio, along with some LAP Alumni, for help in there next step to success!

We have spaces for our courses beginning 2nd November and 4th January, so visit www.londonartportfolio.com now to book your place onto one of our London art courses to build and develop your skills and portfolio for your UCAS applications.



TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece at Somerset House

12 November 2015 – 31 January 2016

Terrace Rooms, South Wing
Free admission

boutique-tintin-vignetteSomerset House will be presenting TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece from November 2015. This exhibition will allow you to step into the wonderful world of artist-author Hergé and Tintin, his adventurous young reporter. It will explore the evolution of the artwork of Hergé, from the simplicity of early newspaper strips to the genre-defining graphic work of the later books.  Drawing on the archives of the Hergé Museum in Belgium, TINTIN: Hergé’s Masterpiece will feature pencil sketches, character drawings, and watercolours alongside original artwork from the finished stories.

cf12a67b-e3ea-4022-ab5f-0ba25f647dd6As well as being a step into the world of Tintin, the exhibiton will also reveal more about the man behind the masterpiece.  Hergé had a fascination with architecture and design, along with his skill as an illustrator and a draughtsman’s eye for design, the settings in which the stories were played out were always rendered in meticulous detail.  Models and installations of memorable locations, such as Tintin’s apartment, will be displayed and the exhibition will be themed with reference to one of Hergé’s favourite backdrops – Marlinspike Hall, Captain Haddock’s country house once owned by his maritime ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock.

Since he first appeared in Hergé’s weekly cartoon strip in Le Petit Vingtième in Brussels in 1929, Tintin has become one of the most iconic comic-strip heroes along with a supporting cast of his trusty dog Snowy, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Thomson and Thompson. With more than 200 million copies of the famous 24 ‘albums’ sold worldwide which also recently inspired a Hollywood blockbuster, Hergé’s timeless character continues to attract new generations of fans to his stories for their unique mixture of artistry, history and adventure.

Frieze Film 2015


Wednesday 14 October – Saturday 17 October 2015

Launched in 2007, Frieze Film is a series of new films commissioned from established and emerging artists and premiered annually as part of Frieze Projects, Frieze London’s non-profit curated programme.

This year, Frieze Film is curated by Nicola Lees and supported by Channel 4’s Random Acts, who will also broadcast the commissions.

The artists participating in Frieze Film 2015 are:

Charles Atlas with Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener
Atlas is collaborating with New York choreographers Silas Riener and Rashaun Mitchell on a short video featuring dancers Cori Kresge and Hiroki Ichinose. Shot this summer at Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in upstate New York, the film is produced as an accompaniment to a long-form stereoscopic moving image work currently in development, this work will be made specifically for the televisual context.

Xavier Cha
Cha will produce a series of short films capturing actors as they battle conflicting emotions, held in tense states of physical and psychological discord. While outwardly (and non-linguistically) expressing an extreme emotion, such as livid rage, a more subtle emotion emerges from beneath the surface. Both emotions function as foreign agents attempting to gain dominance, or hijack the vehicle of the actor’s facial expression and body. This new work continues Cha’s exploration of the body, individual, and self, and how these are contained, expressed, and mediated.
Gery Georgieva
Georgieva will produce a film commission centering around the culture of Bulgarian chalga (pop-folk) nightclubs. Contrast- ing footage of her native country’s pop culture with other parallel environments, Georgieva is interested in how we configure and reconfigure our cultural identities.
Thirteen Black Cats
Thirteen Black Cats will present 1/56, the first iteration of a multi-authored moving image work in which filmmakers and artists from around the world are invited to participate in making a serial film and video work inspired by Chilean author Roberto Bolaño’s novel Antwerp (2002), consisting of fifty-six chapters. 1/56 is produced in partnership with the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, curated by Nicola Lees.

Alice Anderson: Memory Movement Memory Objects

Alice Anderson: Memory Movement Memory Objects
Wellcome Collection
22nd July-18th October 2015


Over 100 works by acclaimed artist Alice Anderson will be displayed at Wellcome Collection from this July until October 2015. Anderson’s sculptures are created by entirely mummifying objects in copper thread, thus create glistening landscapes of beautiful, uncanny and transformed objects. Each piece is an exploration and act of memory.

The exhibition also features an immersive experience ‘the Studio’ extending the creative process of the artist’s practice into the gallery. Visitors will be able to spend time mummifying a 1967 Ford Mustang and other smaller objects with copper wire, creating an atmosphere that is at once meditative and communal.


Imperial War Museum London 2015

Peter Kennard: Unofficial War Artist

Until 30th May 2016
Free AdmissiondownloadPeter Kennard is Britain’s most important political artist whose imagery has become synonymous with the modern protest movement. This first major retrospective of his work demonstrates how Kennard has consistently confronted issues in world of politics and British governmental policy both at home and abroad, inspiring many of today’s politically-aware artists from Mark Wallinger to Banksy.

IWM London, Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ

Peter Kennard


Churchill Museum – Discover the man behind the cigar

unnamedDiscover more about the life and legacy of Britain’s great wartime leader in the Churchill Museum. Hear extracts from Churchill’s rousing wartime speeches, read some of the hundreds of devoted letters Churchill exchanged with his wife Clementine and delve into Churchill’s life story, focussing on objects relating to all periods of Churchill’s life from his early childhood to his State Funeral.

Churchill War Rooms, Clive Steps, King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AQ



Update your creative skills at London Art Portfolio and prepare your successful portfolio for Foundation, Degree, Masters applications or for progression in your desired specialist art and design career.

Our next 24 Week Portfolio Course begins 7th September 2015!

LAP.24 WEEK PROMO-25.03.15

Direct entry onto Degree and Masters courses for committed students who attend regularly, meet deadlines and make full use of our free afternoon studio space, plus materials, Monday-Thursday.

We offer a small intimate group size with a maximum of 10-12 students per group and a kitchen for students to help themselves to teas, coffee and a social gathering space.

Our well qualified tutors have many years of portfolio building experience. We are able to prepare creative art and design programmes to fit your needs and encourage personal growth, development and innovation. We are aware of the needs of International students and can design the best bespoke programme for you!

A great way to improve your English language skills, whilst studying in London and creating a quality portfolio in Art, Architecture & Design.

Book now to secure your place to develop your personal skill set in drawing, painting, model making, design and much more.

Our bright studios are located next to Tower Bridge in a historic listed building close to the River Thames!

185 Tower Bridge Road, Bankside, London,SE1 2UF

Contact us on:
+44 (0) 207 403 6881
+44 (0)791  984 6746

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House

54022p16th-19th August 2015

Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House is back this August for 14 nights of classic, cult and contemporary films, as well as some new premieres. Enjoy your film in the spectacular setting of Somerset House on London’s largest outdoor screen with full surround sound!

On Tuesday 18th August they will be screening West Side Story as voted for by the public as their favourite musical.

As the sun sets, live DJs will create a soundtrack inspired by the upcoming film as cinema-goers can chill out in the courtyard with picnics and drinks.  Selected screenings will also be specially introduced by the film’s stars and directors.

summer-screen-2013-1024Film fans are invited to take a trip inside Somerset House for Behind the Screen – a diverse and entertaining programme of talks, workshops and family activities providing unique insights into this year’s programme.

Tickets are now on general sale – book now and do not miss out!

Everyman Cinemas in London

everymancinemaA unique experience, Everyman Cinemas is an independent network of boutique cinemas. With a passion for quality, from service of food and drink to seating and films, every cinema also has a unique bar or foyer space. With luxury seating and great food, you’ll feel right at home, if not better at an Everyman Cinema! With various locations including Canary Wharf, Hampstead, Belsize Park, Baker Street, Winchester and Leeds, there shouldn’t be an independent cinema far from you. Visit www.everymancinema.com/venues to find a boutique cinema near you!


Lovebox Festival 2015

17th-18th July 2015

tfss-74e9bef6-f33d-4142-a2c7-fe0cb242d505-Org - Lovebox - LogoFor you music lovers, Lovebox Festival is a two-day music festival held in the beautiful Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, London. The event has been running since 2002 and was founded by DJs Groove Armada. During this time, Lovebox has also hosted events in Newcastle, Dublin and Ibiza as well as numerous parties and club nights. This year Lovebox will be host to a range of top music acts from Snoop Dogg, Annie Mac, Jesse Ware and Rudimental to name but a few. There are still some tickets left, get them whilst you can!


The Championships – Wimbledon 2015

29th June – 12th July 2015

It is that time of year when we think strawberries and cream washed down nicely with Champagne, Pimms or a fresh lemonade – Wimbledon Championships!

As the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is widely considered the most prestigious of tennis tournaments. It has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London since 1877. It is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open.



Female Artists at The 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Italy

With female artists representing more countries than ever in national pavilions at the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Italy, the contemporary art fair curated by Okwui Enwezor (Nigerian art critic and museum director) is seen as an informal rebalancing in the art world.

US artist Adrian Piper, holding her Golden Lion, poses for photographers at the award ceremony of the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Italy, Saturday, May 9, 2015. (AP Photo/Luigi Costantini)

US artist Adrian Piper, holding her Golden Lion, poses for photographers at the award ceremony of the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Italy, Saturday, May 9, 2015. (AP Photo/Luigi Costantini)

With female artists from the United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, Switzerland and Norway including our very own Sarah Lucas from Great Britain.

British artist Sarah Lucas prepares for an interview inside the British pavilion displaying her installations 'I scream daddio' during the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)

British artist Sarah Lucas prepares for an interview inside the British pavilion displaying her installations ‘I scream daddio’ during the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)

The prominence of women in the national pavilions — which along with the main show comprise the 56th International Art Exhibition — may be coincidence. However, the force of the female numbers is gaining notice as tapping into an influential trend and thus challenging the notion of the art world as being male dominated.

Visitors look at an installation by Russian artist Irina Nakhova inside the Russian pavilion at the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)

Visitors look at an installation by Russian artist Irina Nakhova inside the Russian pavilion at the 56th Biennale of Arts in Venice, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis)

For more information visit: www.labiennale.org and www.dailymail.co.uk

The EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern

Tate Modern
15 April 9 August 2015
Admission: £16.00delauney

Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979) was a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde and became the European doyenne of abstract art.

Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, she celebrated the modern world of movement, technology and urban life, exploring new ideas about colour theory together with her husband Robert Delaunay.

image (2) copy

This is the first UK retrospective to assess the extent of her vibrant artistic practice across a wide range of media. This exhibition features the groundbreaking paintings, textiles and clothes she made across a sixty-year career, as well as the results of her innovative collaborations with poets, choreographers and manufacturers, from Diaghilev to Liberty.


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Polish Film Posters: 1954 – 1970 Exhibition – British Film Institute

Polish Film Posters: 1954 – 1970

29 Jan – 25 May 2015

An exhibition charting the Polish School’s response to British films which spoke to the very human emotions and challenges faced by those across the world.


Since exploding onto the graphic design scene in the late 1940’s, Polish film posters have attracted international admiration. Framed by a culture of Cold War politics, the posters skillfully integrate image and text, referencing everything from folk art to Pop Art. Drawn from the BFI’s Special Collections, this exhibition charts the Polish School’s response to British films which spoke to the very human emotions and challenges faced by those across the world.


BFI Preview: The Falling

BFI Preview: The Falling plus Q&A with director Carol Morley

When a young girl becomes fixated on her best friend a mysterious delirium takes over their girls’ school.

22nd April at 6:15 pm

Tickets £16


Young Lydia (Williams), emotionally abandoned by her agoraphobic mum (Peake), becomes fixated on her best friend Abbie (Pugh). When Lydia’s white magik-obsessed brother and Abbie sleep together, her fragile world begins to unravel and a mysterious delirium takes over the girl’s school that she attends. Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life) returns to themes of identity, female experience and human connection with this distinctive new film.


Greek Restaurants in London


The-Real-GreekWith restaurants located around London, in Soho, Bankside, Marylebone, Covent Garden, Spitalfields and more, you are never far from getting a taste of Greek food at The Real Greek.





62 Aldermans Hill, London N13 4PP


It may not look very glamourous from outside, but be rest assured that the food is amazing! The portions are large and are made using fresh ingredients – would strongly recommend the fried calamari and the chips are moreish too!





13 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1DP


A restaurant and bar with rooftop garden lounge area hosting live Greek entertainment where you can dance on tables and even smash plates! With a late night menu for those who need to refuel after a night of dancing. You will definitely have a great evening!


RA Summer Exhibition 2015

8th June – 16th August 2015

Admission £12


The Royal Academy’s annual Summer Exhibition is the world’s largest open submission contemporary art show.

Now in its 247th year, this exhibition continues the tradition of showcasing work by both emerging and established artists in all media, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film. The Summer Exhibition attracts a high volume of entrants annually with over 10,000 entries received in 2014.

London Festival of Architecture 2015

1st – 30th June 2015


The annual London Festival of Architecture (LFA) – a month-long, citywide celebration of architectural experimentation, thinking and practice – will take place at venues across the capital throughout June 2015. LFA will address the theme ‘Work in Progress’ and feature a programme of events organised with London’s leading cultural and academic institutions including the Design Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Institute of British Architects, Serpentine Galleries and Victoria & Albert Museum.

The London Original Print Fair

23—26 April

Admission £12

Thursday 23 April 10am – 9pm
Friday 24 April 10am – 10pm
Saturday 25 April 10am – 6pm
Sunday 26 April 10am – 6pm


Visit London’s longest-running art fair to view and buy works from all periods and styles of printmaking.

Now in its 30th year, the London Original Print Fair is Europe’s largest works–on–paper event, spanning 500 years of old master, modern and contemporary prints.

With some 50 exhibitors representing leading galleries, studios and independent dealers from across the globe, the boutique nature of the fair makes it an ideal starting point for budding collectors as well as an essential annual excursion for seasoned print enthusiasts.

Artists represented at the fair include Rembrandt, Whistler, Sickert, Bacon, Warhol and contemporary artists such as Bridget Riley, Howard Hodgkin and Grayson Perry. Throughout history, leading artists have chosen to work in print, and the London Original Print Fair showcases the very best.

Barbican Exhibitions – Magnificent Obsessions & Roman Signer

Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector

12th February – 25th May 2015

Standard ticket £12


This is the first major exhibition in the UK to present the fascinating personal collections of post-war and contemporary artists. Ranging from mass-produced memorabilia and popular collectibles to one-of-a-kind curiosities, rare artefacts and specimens, these collections provide insight into the inspirations, influences, motives and obsessions of artists.



Roman Signer: Slow Movement

4th March – 31st May 2015

Free admission

Internationally renowned for sculptural installations and video works, Swiss artist Roman Signer presents Slow Movement, a new installation for the Curve using the kayak, a longstanding symbol and form in his work for three decades. Specifically made for this show, a kayak navigates the 90-metre long gallery as if moving through a canal.



Forensics: The anatomy of crime – Wellcome Collection

26 February 2015 – 21 June 2015

maxresdefaultForensics: the anatomy of crime explores the history, science and art of forensic medicine. It travels from crime scene to courtroom, across centuries and continents, exploring the specialisms of those involved in the delicate processes of collecting, analysing and presenting medical evidence. It draws out the stories of victims, suspects and investigators of violent crimes, and our enduring cultural fascination with death and detection.


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