Digital Portfolio Design

Art and Design Digital Portfolio Support


We offer start-up advice, digital portfolio work in progress feedback, or advice on your digital portfolio content and design. The portfolio is the most crucial part of your professional or University application.

Universities and employers want to see your research journey and progression of thought; exploration of mediums and materials, selection of ideas and concepts, sketches, research, notebooks and much more…

London Art Portfolio is very experienced at assisting you in selecting the artwork for the presentation of your Digital Portfolio. You need to win an interview with your Digital Portfolio. Only then will you have the opportunity to show your complete Physical Portfolio at an interview! Do not leave the preparation of your Online Digital Portfolio until the last minute – this takes time to do well.

Digital Portfolios need careful consideration and planning and preparing for your university or job application.

Single session price: £210 (incl VAT)

Digital Portfolio Package: £2000 (incl VAT) = 10 x 1-1 Sessions


Booking Options 

  • onsite studio face-to-face 1-1 tutorials
  • live online (Zoom) 1-1 tutorials and mentor support
  • hybrid tuition which allows more flexibility. This can appeal to people for various lifestyle reason, i.e. travel, health, work or economic. Some clients choose to attend a mix of onsite and online sessions from any location.

We can teach and reach out to anyone in the world and have the skills and expertise to teach at each level.



Start-Up Plan 

London Art Portfolio can help you prepare for your dream job, freelance work and how to set up your own business. The digital portfolio is a showcase that needs to promote your ability, share your ideas skills set and, notably, include who you are. Describe the context and story behind each collection and design to ensure potential clients or employers understand the full scope of your thinking as a professional artist or designer. Clarify your personal goals and dreams. We can help you increase your online presence and get noticed. 

  • Think about the career you are planning to pursue
  • Research the role you are applying for
  • Prepare for what that role requires
  • Tailor your portfolio for each application 
  • Share personal experience and achievement, the story behind your work
  • Describe the creative process.
  • Select & curate your best work.
  • Add clear project & process titles.
  • Convey the feeling you wish to evoke
  • Build up & extend art & design vocabularly
  • Check your spelling & grammar!
  • Practice live online portfolio presentation 
  • Check that your CV supports your portfolio
  • Be positive


Creative Content 

Your online or web portfolio should have a consistent look that reflects your style. Think about your personal brand, adjust the creative content and layout to promote how you want to represent yourself, i.e. do you want to convey a fun and quirky style, minimalist, busy, bold, or modern? Does your brand or collection focus or represent a particular subject, i.e. diversity, gender, race, the environment, sustainability or any other? If so, make sure that your creative content clarifies and supports this. Consider your colour palette, layout, style and scale. Your portfolio must relate to and reflect what kind of artist or designer you are.

The content and style of your digital portfolio will vary depending on whether it is for Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Textiles, Architecture Design, Interior Design, Fine Art or any other area of art or design. Share your knowledge and wide breadth of skills. It is crucial to showcase your best projects, including work in progress and finished work. 

  • drawing
  • innovative research
  • mood boards
  • innovative ideas
  • narrative & sequence
  • repeat & colourways
  • fabric boards & palette
  • sketches
  • collection line-up
  • finished product
  • design layout & design
  • photography or video
  • presentation




STEP ONEPrepare a Physical Portfolio

To prepare a strong portfolio in art, design or architecture. This is the first step towards being selected for an interview.

STEP TWOPrepare a Digital Portfolio

To prepare a strong digital portfolio in art, design or architecture from your physical portfolio to submit to win an interview.

The submission of your Digital Portfolio is your first step towards being selected for an interview for one or both of the following:

Foundation Course in Art and Design

UCAS Degree application interview

Masters Degree applications


You are allowed to apply to up to:

Five different Foundation Courses in Art and Design


Five Degree UCAS Courses.

Potentially this could be 10 different applications, each with their own Digital Portfolio specifications. London Art Portfolio can support and direct you through this to produce visually stunning Digital Portfolios. We work with you through this process so that you also learn how to organise and prepare yourselves for the future digitally. You will meet your deadlines! You will be successful!


* Please note: We will not be liable for any cancellation of the course or tutorials once payment has been made. Non-attendance of classes due to illness or personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds.