Career Change Online

Creative Career Change

Online art and design tutorials enable you to review and update your current portfolio and learn new ways of expressing your ideas.

At London Art Portfolio we increasingly popular with ‘Change of Career’ students, who have either chosen another career in the past or have studied a non-art subject. Most of our students have the desire to learn more about art or design and are waiting to unleash the freedom to do so.

The online portfolio preparation programme enables students, with a range of abilities to become empowered and to create a portfolio of work step by step at your own pace, fitting into your own lifestyle from wherever you are in the world.

In this way, you will be able to build up the confidence to increase the possibility of maybe applying for future Further and Higher Education applications or personal development.

All levels are welcome: Beginners, intermediate and more advanced level artist and designers are all welcome.

Portfolio Preparation for Job Interviews

This is also a great way for professional artists and designers to receive online support, advice and direction. You may be aiming top apply for a new post at a studio that requires new skills and ideas. You may need to demonstrate new CAD and prove the level of your ability in such programmes. We can help you.

Alternatively, for example, you may be someone who has studied Marketing and Business Degree and have an interview or career change goal to work in Fashion and Marketing instead. We can help you!

Portfolio Preparation for Post Graduate Training courses

You may be endeavouring to work in art and design education. So you may need support and advice in how to prepare for a portfolio for either a Post Graduate Teacher Training Course interview or lecturing post-interview.