Professional Portfolio

Professional Portfolio Recommendations

Name: Sylia Panayiotidou

Nationality: Cypriot

University: University of Westminster

Course: Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA

Profession Now: Freelance Curator


Sylia was awarded a Distinction for her Degree in 3D Design at UAL and was aware that she did not have a professional portfolio ready after her course. Sylia joined LAP to develop her skills and learn new techniques to add to her professional portfolio. 

“I forgot that I could paint. I forgot that I could draw. I forgot that I loved to do both. I forgot that I was actually pretty good at both. London Art Portfolio helped me find my creative self again, it helped me learn how to develop my own projects and how to present them properly. Fantastic team, great tutorials, vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. I will be eternally thankful to London Art Portfolio, especially to Julia, for helping me remember.”

“Ξέχασα ότι μπορούσα να ζωγραφίσω. Ξέχασα ότι μπορούσα να σχεδιάσω. Ξέχασα οτι αγαπούσα τόσο και τα δύο. Ξέχασα οτι όσως είμαι καλή και στα δύο τελικά. Το London Art Portfolio με βοήθησε να βρώ τον καλλιτέχνη μέσα μου που είχα αφήσει πίσω, με βοήθησε να μάθω πώς να αναπτύξω τις ιδέες μου και πως να τις παρουσιάσω σωστά. Υπέροχη ομάδα, πολύ βοηθητικές συζητήσεις, μεσα σε μια ατμόσφαιρα που σε εμπνέει απίστευτα. Θα είμαι αιώνια ευγνώμων στο London Art Portfolio και στη Julia που με βοήθησε να θυμηθώ.”


Name: Patricia Köhler

Nationality: German

Profession: Graphic Designer – Print


As a practicing Graphic Designer, Patricia was searching for fresh ideas and new inspiration. She had previously received thorough training in Graphics on CAD programmes, which meant she was less familiar with more ‘hands on’ drawing and design skills. She was aware that although technology has advanced and is important in the design industry, a designer needs strong ‘hands on’ creative design skills using different papers and mediums alongside the use and application of high end CAD skills.

“Following an intensive course with London Art Portfolio for my personal and professional portfolio development, Julia helped me to bring my design approach to the next level and at the same time to improve my expertise as a graphic designer. Furthermore, and beyond the course working with Julia has been a highly inspiring and enriching experience which truly added to my time in London. Julia has been both to me, a great mentor but also a friend. Her expertise and advise were of great value to me and by sharing her experiences Julia lightened the spark to apply for my Master’s degree. Though I applied frankly last minute, I got my interview right away and will start with my (pre-) master in September.

I am grateful for the time I got to spent and work with Julia and enjoyed every minute in the studio working with her. I absolutely recommend London Art Portfolio and if I ever move back to London I will pass by. For her future, personal life and career I wish Julia all the best”