Fundamentals of Drawing

Stretch Your Skills in Line, Tone and Colour on our Fundamentals of Drawing Evening Class; Explore the fundamentals of understanding how to observe gesture and movement, through volume, light and shadow.

Learn diligence before speedy execution

– Leonardo da Vinci


Course Outline

Developing the eye to observe is very important to be able to produce an accurate drawing. The Fundamentals of Drawing Evening Class aims to guide the student through the fundamentals of drawing alongside colour theory. The beginning of this fundamentals of drawing evening class programme starts with exercises in line and volume, light and shadow, gesture and movement.  You will then focus on developing an ability to mix colours and obtain different nuances using primary colours only.

This Fundamentals of Drawing Evening Class is suitable for beginners and intermediate level: students with no knowledge of drawing and colour who wish to build their learning experience through an accurate break down of important principles; artists who would like to enhance their knowledge with additional skills.

The aim of this course is to gain an accurate understanding of the basic traditional fundamentals of drawing and colour mixing both for a portfolio building or simply to be able to better express on paper our imagination. The Fundamentals of Drawing Evening Class is also a great way to enhance your portfolio.


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6:30pm – 9pm
6 Weeks
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