Life in Colour

Colour Pastel Figure Drawing

Enrich your portfolio with the Life in Colour evening class. Learn about foundational techniques in colour, line and tone with colour pastel figure drawing.

Any form of visual experience from the clothes we wear to the paintings we most admire involves colour. No two-dimensional surface is active without it. No three-dimensional space is enhanced or exists without an understanding of the nuance of colour.

– Lisa Dinhofer

Course Outline

The confident use of colour is a challenge that even advanced artists struggle with. The aim of this Life in Colour Evening Class, focusing on colour pastel figure drawing, is to expand the practice of life drawing by demystifying the use of colour through a variety of foundational techniques.

In this 6 week evening workshop, you will become familiarised with the use of pastel pencils and tonal paper for creating colourful, dimensional work. The Life in Colour evening class lessons will start with insights and tips in the use of drawing materials, then move into colour pastel figure drawing from life in just two colours. As these evening classes progress, the use of multiple colours, and nuanced tones will be introduced. You will receive individual feedback, and learn from group discussion and demonstrations outside studio practice time.

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6:30pm – 9pm
6 Weeks
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