Model Making

Course Outline

Through this Model Making Evening Class you will explore and produce mock up models, scale models and prototypes using card, cardboard and desk tools. Through the introduction of a range of techniques you will increase your knowledge of model making by creating patterns, nets and drawings to produce 3D models and material manipulation such as folding, cutting and crumpling. With guidance, you will learn how to photograph your models and understand how to use them for communication.

This Model Making Evening Class is suitable for individuals of all levels with an interest in creating 3D models for architecture, interior design, industrial design, fine art, fashion design, graphic design and more. Explore this ‘hands on’ process in order to expand your innovative thinking and skills. This Model Making Evening Class is the perfect way to step up and prepare for the 3D Modelling in Rhino CAD class – perfect for your portfolio!

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6:30pm – 9pm
6 Weeks
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