3D Modelling in Rhino CAD

Introduction to Rhino

Course Outline

This introductory Rhino CAD 3D Modelling evening class  at London Art Portfolio offers you opportunity to create a foundation of knowledge within the Rhino CAD software. By learning the fundamental tools and commands in the program you will be able to create 2D drawings and 3D models digitally. The Rhino CAD 3D Modelling classes are suitable for beginners and intermediates, from a range of specialist areas including product design, architecture, car design, accessory design, graphic design, sculpture and much more. Explore new horizons and methods of working through this thorough introduction to the Rhino CAD 3D modelling software, a perfect progression following the Model Making Class.

Beyond this programme you will have the skills and knowledge to further experiment with the Rhino 3D software. Add an edge to your portfolio with this Rhino CAD 3D Modelling Class, putting you a step ahead in this ever growing digital and technological world.

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6:30pm – 9pm
6 Weeks
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