Fine Art Friday

The Fine Art Friday course is designed to give aspiring artists significant knowledge and skill which will stay with them for a lifetime. You will learn a variety of skills and crafts, with emphasis on how to use materials in practice. As well as the skill of observation from life, we will cover colour mixing, glazes and brush techniques, as well as how to prepare canvases and other painting surfaces. We will visit museums in order to study from the masters, as well as working out of house, in order to gather source material en plein air.

Through the Fine Art Friday workshops you will be introduced to the fundamentals of drawing and painting, through observational exercises as well as working from photographs, memory and the imagination. Drawing is the most direct route to the examination of our perceptions. Line, tone, composition and colour will all be explored, with reference to Art History.

The Fine Art Friday sessions will encourage you to develop an independent sensibility within the loose framework of pictorial representation. This will then lead to the development of your own unique system of making drawings as preparatory work for paintings. You will explore a variety of painting techniques and media, through structured classes, with technical demonstrations, live models and slideshow presentations.

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