Life Drawing Class

Drawing is the basis of art. A bad painter cannot draw. But one who draws well can always paint

Arshile Gorky

Course Outline

This Half Term Life Drawing Class will explore fundamental techniques for a dynamic and vibrant life drawing practice. We will answer the question “why draw from life?” and learn to interpret our surroundings in new ways. You will get a sense of understanding as we review the basic approaches to drawing accurately, and with passion, from the world around us. Through the introduction of multiple approaches and techniques, you will explore a practice that is unique to you, while developing a more advanced approach to your work.

Measuring, proportion, perspective, light and shadow, and basic anatomy will be explored through studio practice, field trips, and class discussion. An understanding of composition will be taught through this Half Term Life Drawing Class leading into a more intuitive process of working through conscious thought, becoming an interchangeable skill. This class is suitable for beginner and intermediate life drawers, and serves as the foundation for Life in Colour, a six-week workshop on colour theory with life drawing.

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1 Week
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