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London Art Portfolio offers you the perfect opportunity to build your art and design portfolio in the evenings. Take a look at the range of evening art classes that we offer, to block build and create your own art school course programme.

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Evening art classes are the perfect way to extend your drawing and making skills, explore new concepts and innovative research. Classes are delivered by experienced art portfolio preparation tutors, who are practising artists and designers in a range of specialist fields. Build your art and design portfolio step-by-step to create a clear and confident portfolio. All levels are welcome, including beginners, pre-foundation, graduate and Masters applicants.

We can help you design a bespoke evening class portfolio programme to fit in with your lifestyle and future ambitions in fine art, fashion and textile design, graphic design, architecture, car design and much more.

Personal and Professional

We also offer evening art classes for practicing artists. This gives the opportunity to explore subjects ranging from life drawing, the picture as a stage, the history of portraiture and life in colour. Led by specialist tutors and practising artists you will explore fundamental elements of drawing and painting working from a variety of still-life compositions and themes, using a range of mediums and materials.

Corporate Evening Art Classes

In addition we run evening corporate art classes which offer tailor made art-based activities to motivate and inspire corporate team building. Through ‘hands on’ experience, you explore new fun methods of communication and creative thinking as an individual and a group. We can design bespoke themes to fit your brief using a range of mediums and techniques such as paint, drawing, collage, folded paper and photography. This is a great way to unleash your inner artist, no experience necessary, simply have fun whilst getting to know team members in a creative environment.

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