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The Student Gallery gives an exciting insight into the many areas of art and design that you can develop at London Art Portfolio. The broad range of portfolio artwork on the student gallery helps you research a subject in more depth and gives you a clearer understanding of possible career choices within a specific subject area too.

London Art Portfolio students are from all over the UK, EU and overseas. We help to prepare art and design portfolio applications for UK and International applications. Many of our students meet and make new creative friends that form long and lasting relationships.

We are very proud of our student alumni and the many ongoing successes of our London Art Portfolio students. The student gallery is a wonderful window into viewing what is possible and what you can achieve.

Click on any of the pictures to find out more about the field that you have chosen for your future university applications, personal development, career change or professional direction

Please do contact us to ask any questions you like. If you have specific requests and design programmes that you would like to propose we are always keen to hear.

We wish you all luck in your future careers in the creative art industries.

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