Summer Portfolio School

The Summer Portfolio School at London Art Portfolio is located in Wapping near Tower Bridge and Shoreditch, where many design and artist studios are based, plus many social restaurants, bars, vintage markets and canal walks. We are within easy reach of London’s famous South Bank cultural quarter, the River Thames, ferry boats, art galleries, and museums, such as The Fashion and Textiles Museum and Tate Modern! This is an excellent location for inspiration and a great way to experience London.

Transport links are great, offering all of the following:

Overground (Wapping and Shadwell)

Underground (Tower Hill)

DLR: Thamesgateway and Shadwell

Buses: 15, 100, D3

Trains: Liverpool Street (which includes the Elizabeth Line) & London Bridge

We offer a range of art and design subject fields, which can be as broad or narrow as you want. You can choose subjects across fine art, architecture design, fashion and textile design, graphic design and photography, etc. This is an ideal way to help you prepare your portfolio and get ready for a Foundation, Degree or Masters’s course or simply the next stage of your education or career.

English Language and Culture Support

If English isn’t your first language, studying at London Art Portfolio is a great way to improve your linguistic skills and build confidence. Improve your English and cultural awareness as you interact on the course and share your creative experiences. Build up your art and design vocabulary in the studio, online and on Museum and art gallery days out. We have experienced art and language tutors. 


We offer a range of Summer Portfolio Course options. Some students prefer starting their Gap year studies early and enrolling on the following:

24-week, 18-week, or 12  Week Portfolio Course in July 2023.

Other students choose the following:

10-week, 6-week or 4-week portfolio summer course fits perfectly into their Summer holiday period. This is very helpful for the Under 18 years students who must return to school after the Summer break. This is a great way to improve IB and A’ level grades whilst beginning to understand what a portfolio requires.

1 & 2 week Summer School Portfolio Building Course run from June-August; select your area for improvement and book one or more 1-week courses.

A great way to make a start and build your confidence too.


3D Spatial Design: Architecture design, 3D product design, furniture design, car design, theatre design or prop design

Fine Art: Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, digital, mixed media..

Fashion Design: Womenswear fashion design, fashion & textiles, costume design, fashion & communication, fashion and business, fashion retail and marketing, visual merchandising and styling.

Graphic Design: Graphic design, illustration, animation, film storyboarding, graphic design and branding, online publishing and design or branding and identity.

Photography: Documentary, fine art photography, magazine online and editorial, digital image making, art direction

London Art Portfolio always aims to be as flexible as possible with its small group size to meet the needs and requirements of each student within the group.

We also offer unique, fun, focused art courses for younger people to get you started in art and design. We can show you the fundamental essentials of building and extending an art and design portfolio. We can help develop and support school GCSE, IB and A’ Level course work projects or teach you skills you feel unsure about. This is also a great way to upgrade skills and plan your career change. 

If you think you may be interested in our Summer School Italian Programme, please click the following link to find out more:
Study in Italy Art Vacation