1 Week Summer Portfolio Course

Summer Portfolio Course

London Art Portfolio offers a 1-week course programme that can build and add to your portfolio preparation.

We welcome group visits, and we would be delighted to create a wonderful experience for you and your friends and guests visiting London.

We welcome school groups and professional artists who are searching to learn new skills and find new ideas. We can offer an international student, artist environment where it is fun to learn and meet new people

This is also an ideal way for a group to start working towards portfolio preparation for University or a career change goal. The 1-week course can help you decide which area of art and design to choose for your future Foundation or UCAS Degree applications. Some students also One-One tuition to extend and explore and techniques further.

We can offer you a memorable, creative, cultural experience in the arts which can include visits to renowned art museums and galleries with experienced art tutors who specialise in a range of fields.

We can design tailor-made courses to match your creative criteria and requirements, including independent start and end dates.  Contact us today to ask more questions. We always try our best to meet the needs of your group visit or art tour schedule.

Beginners, career change, to advanced level are welcome. We are also very popular with school pupils. In the afternoon’s students are expected to continue their morning study independently and be ready to share their work the next morning in order to receive feedback.


Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 12 noon

Afternoons: Students are expected to continue their morning study independently each afternoon and to be ready to share their work, the following morning to receive helpful feedback. In this way, you can fully benefit from our portfolio course programme. 

Online study: LAP uses Zoom. Please have PowerPoint and Word already set up on your computer, with plenty of space available plus an external drive or USB.

It is essential that your independent follow up study continues whether your studies are online or on-site. 

Additional dates will be confirmed soon, please contact LAP directly in the meantime-thank you.

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Monday – Thursday
9am – 12 noon
Price: £490
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3rd July 2023 – 6th July 2023

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10th July 2023 – 13th July 2023

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17th July 2023 – 20th July 2023

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24th July 2023 – 27th July 2023

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31st July 2023 – 3rd August 2023

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7th August 2023 – 10th August 2023

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