1 Week Summer Research Course: Drawing & Photography

Summer Portfolio Building Course

Draw, Sketch, Photograph

Course Outline

The Summer Art Research Course embraces drawing, sketching, and photography. The course aims to offer a fun, creative week of research in art and design whilst visiting or studying in the UK.  This is an excellent introduction to London’s wonderful museums and art galleries. We hope to introduce you to many great masters, contemporary artists, and designers who will inspire you while we sketch and photograph. Composition is essential for drawing and photography, so we hope the course will encourage many of you to see the qualities of both work methods for the creative mind and possibly further study. All levels are welcome.

Step by step, through each day of the one-week art course, you can improve and learn a whole range of fundamental drawing and sketching techniques and more about approaches to photography too. You have the option to embrace both methods of working or you can choose one or the other.

Attending this course will be an excellent opportunity for some to build up a portfolio for higher-level applications at University. Students from all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome. We hope everyone builds up a body of work that they can keep safely in a folder on their computer or add to an A3 portfolio.

The one-week art course is also ideal for fine art practitioners to develop their work, learn from fellow artists, and make new international creative friends.

  • The observation of people in places
  • How can drawing assist our understanding?
  • How can photography capture a moment?
  • Is complex narrative worth trying to achieve, or is it preferable to give those who populate the painting much more essential primal roles?

We will debate and explore these investigations and questions through drawing and photography. Students will be encouraged to conduct independent research investigating the crossovers between drawing, painting and photography.  

Course Details

9 am-12 noon
1 Week
3rd July 2023 – 6th July 2023

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