4 Week Summer Portfolio Course 2023

Start your portfolio this summer!

London Art Portfolio offers a 4-week summer portfolio course programme to build and add to your portfolio preparation.

The 4 Week Summer Portfolio Course is ideal for those of you who might be in London and Europe for a shorter period. This summer portfolio course can also offer you the opportunity to save on accommodation costs.

Price: £1,920 (incl vat)

  • 5th June 2023 – 29th June 2023
  • 3rd July 2023 – 27th July 2023

We deliver onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses, online portfolio courses, and 1-1- tuition. This applies to all of our art classes. We also deliver a Hybrid approach which allows more flexibility. This approach can be beneficial for many reasons: lifestyle choices,  you may be living in between countries or places, you may be too unwell to travel but can still join the group and continue your studies online, or you may need to keep your accommodation, living and travel costs down. We understand your personal decisions; the choice is yours. We can teach and reach out to anyone in the world. Beginners, career change applicants and professionals are all welcome. We have the skills and expertise to teach each level. We require full attendance, whether it be onsite or online. The longer you study with us, the more you learn!

Choose any of the following:

  • onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses and 1-1- tutorial support
  • live online portfolio preparation courses, 1-1 tuition and mentor support
  • blended hybrid learning is the perfect solution for some students.

The LAP course is a great way to raise your English language and written skills whilst building up a strong art and design specialist vocabulary.


The 4 Week Summer Portfolio Course is ideal for clients who want to invest part of their summer into developing their art or design work. This will enable you to begin a comprehensive start-up portfolio that will demonstrate a mix of 2D and 3D creative ideas and skills. Your goal may be to build up a portfolio for any of the following applications: Foundation Course, Degree, Masters, professional development and a change in career. Beginners to advanced levels are welcome.

It is also perfect for an artist or designer who wants to return to fine art painting, designing or making again! You will receive professional advice on how to progress as an artist or designer and have lots of fun doing it!


London Art Portfolio offers a full time 6 Week Art Portfolio Preparation Course programme in art and design. We help you prepare a portfolio for a number of different specialist fields within art and design such as Fine Art, Fashion Design, Fashion, Business & Communication, Architecture Design, 3D, Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation plus more. Through your course study, you will receive future career advice plus tips on Digital Portfolio Preparation.


You complete a start-up Portfolio Course and we will give you advice on how to proceed beyond studying at London Art Portfolio. The aim is for you to leave with a well presented creative portfolio. Full attendance is required in order to achieve this goal within 4 weeks.

Portfolio Course: You will complete the course with a prepared portfolio that will present a range of 2D hands-on drawing skills alongside an introduction to 3D model making.  You may choose to book the 6-week course which offers Adobe Photoshop and design development.

One-One Mentoring: A very bespoke portfolio. Clients can contact us for specific portfolio preparation. This can focus on specific University or professional portfolio requirements, i.e  Physical Portfolio, hands-on skills, Digital Portfolio, Digital skills, a professional design project, Fine Art Gallery exhibition support, Curatorial advice or particular creative arts business support.

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Monday – Thursday
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Price: £1,920
5th June 2023 – 29th June 2023

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3rd July 2023 – 27th July 2023

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