Under 18 Summer Portfolio School

Be creative & have fun with young international creatives!

We deliver a 4 Week and 6 Week Art and Design Portfolio Course, which is ideal for young people keen to spend a creative summer in London to learn and extend art and design skills. Meet other young creatives from around the UK, Europe, and overseas, make new friends, feel a sense of belonging with other creative minds who love making and creating!

We deliver onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses, online portfolio courses, and 1-1- tuition. This applies to all of our art classes. We also deliver a Hybrid approach which allows more flexibility. This can be very helpful for many reasons: lifestyle choices,  you may be living in between countries or places, you may be too unwell to travel but can still join the group and continue your studies online, or you may need to keep your accommodation, living and travel costs down. We understand your personal decisions the choice is yours. We can teach and reach out to anyone in the world. What we do require is full attendance, whether it be onsite or online. The longer you study with us, the more you learn!

Choose any of the following:

  • onsite studio art and design portfolio preparation courses and 1-1- tutorial support
  • live online portfolio preparation courses, 1-1 tuition and mentor support
  • blended hybrid learning is the perfect solution for some students.

The LAP course is a great way to raise the level of your English language and written skills whilst building up a strong art and design specialist vocabulary. Beginners, career change applicants and professionals are all welcome. We have the skills and expertise to teach each level.

Beginners to advanced levels are welcome.

4 Week £1,920 (incl VAT)
6 Week £2,820 (incl VAT)

Have fun this summer! Join the Under 18 Summer Portfolio School!

Start to build your portfolio now.

Learn to draw, design and make.

Explore new materials, processes and techniques.

Expand your fine art ideas and skills discover new methods of working which prepares you for art school

Learn how to design: fashion, graphic design, architecture, 3D product design and textile design

Visit world-famous art galleries and museums

Learn how to research for fun innovative ideas.

Extend your English language and communication skills.

Build your confidence.


Prepare for IB, A-Level or GCSE art projects or studies before you go back to school.

Plan in advance for UAL and other Art & Design Foundation Course applications in London and elsewhere.

London Art Portfolio runs its own very niche Art and Design Foundation Course. Great for anyone who would prefer to study in a small group and be successful!


Course Details

9 am-12 noon
1 Week
4 Weeks £1920, 6 Weeks £2820
3rd July 2023 – 27th July 2023

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3rd July 2023 – 10th August 2023

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* Please note: We will not be liable for any cancellation of the course or tutorials once payment has been made. Non-attendance of classes due to illness or personal or professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds.