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Best of British – Twiggy

Twiggy (1966) – Photographed by Barry Lategan Twiggy was born in London in September 1949. She is best remembered as one of the first international supermodels and a fashion icon on the 1960s. She was named “The Face of ‘66” […]

Best of British – The Olympic Cauldron

On arriving in London, each of the 204 national teams competing in the 2012 Olympic Games received a special object, inscribed with the name of its country. Each slightly different from the other, these objects have sculpturally beautiful forms, made […]

Best of British – Heatherwick Bus

In January 2010, Heatherwick Studio joined the team commissioned by London’s mayor to develop the design of a new bus for London. This would be the first bus to be designed specifically for the capital in more than fifty years, […]

Best of British – Gifts from the Olympic Gods

If you find a giant javelin or a 3m tall shot-put sinking into the pavement outside your closest Tube station, don’t worry, these aren’t Olympic-related hallucinations! Part of “Gifts of the Olympic Gods”, these 12 sculptures – including javelins, shot-puts, […]