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   Name: Shanice Tang-Wah

   Nationality: British/Malaysian

   University: East London University School

   Course:  Architecture BSc (Hons)

“I’m currently an undergraduate student studying Architecture. After failing my first year I began to attend one-to-one tutorials at London Art Portfolio. After attending tutorials for a year I ended happily with a first and now moving onto second year!

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Julia was of great help in finding an ideal tutor for me and organising the tutorials. She also recommended me to have the two hour tutorials which has benefited me greatly. Julia also made sure that my portfolio was seen beforehand, so the tutor knew exactly what I had to improve on and to have an understanding of what the Architectural course’s style was like at my university.
After every tutorial, I would have a structured list of what I had to complete for my portfolio. This helped me a lot, so I knew exactly what I had to do. In the tutorials I learnt new skills and techniques which generally wouldn’t be taught at university.
I like the fact my tutor paid attention to detail such as font size, type of font, a portfolio layout, paper type etc, because this shows the amount of effort they input by commenting on the smallest things.”