Summer Portfolio School

Ongoing art and culture events and festivals take place throughout the summer in London. Combining a memorable experience with a summer portfolio course in art or design, is a great way to meet new creative people and make a speedy start to building up or extending your portfolio. In this way you will experience a superb all-round art indulgence in one of the world’s great cultural capitals. We are based next to Tower Bridge, in London’s famous South Bank cultural quarter, the River Thames and ferry boats, art galleries and museums!

We offer one to ten week portfolio summer courses in a range of art and design subject fields, which can be as broad or narrow as you want them to be. You can choose subjects across fine art, architecture design, fashion and textile design, graphic design, photography and much more. This is an ideal was to help you prepare your portfolio and get ready for a Foundation, Degree or Masters course, or simply the next stage of your education or career. If English isn’t your first language, studying at London Art Portfolio is a great way to improve your linguistic skills and build confidence.

Spatial designers may want to create a portfolio for architecture, 3D product design, car design, or fine art sculpture.

Fashion design students may want to also investigate fashion design and business, fashion retail and marketing,  or visual merchandising

Graphic designers may be curious to learn more about about film and animation, online publishing and design or branding and identity.

London Art Portfolio always aims to be as flexible as possible with its small group size to meet the needs and requirements for each student within the group.

We also offer unique fun, focused art courses aimed at younger people to get you started in art and design. We can show you the fundamental essentials of how to build up and extend an art and design portfolio. We can help to extend and support school GCSE, IB and A Level course work projects or teach you skills that you feel unsure about. 

If you think you may be interested in our Summer School Italian Programme please click the following link to find out more:
Study in Italy Art Vacation