Foundation Recommendations

London Art Portfolio Foundation Recommendations

Name: Katya Ter-Avanesov

Nationality: Russian / Armenian

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: Fashion and Textiles

“My art lessons with Julia at London Portfolio have been a great help and a fantastic new experience. In a small amount of time, I have learnt so much about new techniques, such as still life drawing and fashion design and creation. A really important aspect is that Julia listens to her students and allows them to develop their own styles and be original by themselves. Another important detail for me was that I was never underestimated because I was the youngest, but neither was I spoon-fed as she critiqued my work honestly. The working atmosphere is great. The students that I’ve met at London Portfolio are full of ideas and are very creative individuals. The staff at London Portfolio are also very welcoming and helpful, going above and beyond to help their students, even outside of working hours when a student has a school or university deadline. A wonderful and worthwhile place to be!”


Name: Anne Elmholt

Nationality: Danish

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

“When I began this course, being accepted at Central Saint Martins seemed like a feeble hope, but it has actually been realised and I begin the Foundation on the pathway Performance Design and Practice at CSM in September 2014.

At the first day of the course I was nervous that all the others would be miles ahead of me since I’ve never done any serious drawing before, but the friendly and warm environment at London Art Portfolio gave me the confidence to jump in headfirst and just draw.

At London Art Portfolio you are encouraged to seek inspiration everywhere, whatever stirs your passion, and afterwards introduced to an imaginative range of materials and techniques to visualise your ideas.  As a 3D student, who wants to study set and costume design for theatre and screen, I was encouraged to research different areas of 3D design and use that for inspiration, and then use this as a “catalyst” for the project that should end up as being my portfolio. The process was great fun and everyone on the course was really friendly and bounced off on each other’s skills and ideas. It was a pleasure to be there!

Besides encouraging me creatively, Julia was a great help if there ever appeared a problem with the applications and helped and guided me through different situations that would have left me with bald patches otherwise.

Julia and the rest of the teachers at London Art Portfolio really do know what the universities want to see and I’m positive that I wouldn’t have been accepted at the Foundation Diploma at Central Saint Martins without their knowledge and support.”


“Da jeg startede på Julia Dennis’ skole ”London Art Portfolio”, havde jeg kun et spinkelt håb om at kunne blive accepteret på en Foundation i London – men det er rent faktisk sket, og jeg starter på Central Saint Martins Foundation på studieretningen “Performance Design and Practice” til september 2014.

Den første dag var jeg nervøs for, at de andre kursister ville være i en hel anden liga end mig, fordi jeg aldrig rigtig havde tegnet før, men jeg fik en varm velkomst, hvilket gjorde mig tryg nok til at kaste mig ud i det. Hos Julia bliver du opmuntret til at søge inspiration overalt, hvad du finder interessant, og derefter introduceret til en række forskellige metoder og materieller, som hjælper dig med at visualiserer dine ideer. Som en ”3D-studerende”, som vil læse scenografi, mente Julia, at jeg skulle søge inspiration i andre 3D design og bruge dem som en ”katelysator” for projektet, som skulle ende med at blive til min portfolio. Hele forløbet var rigtig spændende og alle på kurset var virkelig søde og blev inspireret af hinandens evner og ideer. Det var virkelig en fornøjelse at være der!

Udover at hjælpe mig med det kreative, ydede Julia en stor hjælp mht. de engelske universiteters lettere besynderlige ansøgningsformer, hvor det viste sig at være problemer i flere sammenhæng.

Julia, og resten af lærerne hos London Art Portfolio, ved virkelig hvad de har med at gøre, hvad universiteterne gerne vil se, og hvordan du sætter det optimalt op. Jeg er sikker på, at jeg ikke var kommet ind på Central Saint Martins uden deres hjælp. ”


Name: Vy Cutting

Nationality: British / Vietnamese

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

“From my 1:1 tuitions at London Art Portfolio, I’ve not only reached my goals of getting into Central Saint Martins, but I’ve broaden my artistic skills and creativity.

I was able to develop my drawing skills, through the use of mixed media, including collaging and Photoshop, which I was not exposed to at A level art. I was taught how to expand my ideas, think outside the box, through artist, and historical research, a fundamental foundation for a strong portfolio and more importantly, build a strong concept, which made my portfolio unique and stand out at interviews.

Before coming to London Art Portfolio, I was only exposed to the fine art direction, however, after a few weeks at London Art Portfolio, I was introduced to graphic design and fashion; and immediately found my new interest for fashion. The incredible book range available at London Art Portfolio, helped me with my research, I was able to develop my design visualisation into realisation.

I received a lot of help with my personal statement and guidance throughout applying to art school, I was given advise on different courses and which university to apply to, to meet my own personal interests.

Throughout the last year, I’ve matured in so many different levels thanks to Julia, she’s helped me through the toughest times, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come from my first tutorial. A year ago, getting into the CSM, was just a long distant dream, but now I feel confident to embrace my year ahead on the foundation course. The atmosphere at London Art Portfolio is like no other, and it’s a place that I feel like home. London Art Portfolio is not a place where you can laze about and expect everything to be done for you. You will be encouraged and pushed to achieve your artistic dreams.”


Name: Nina Tanskala

Nationality: Finnish

University: London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

“As a whole, the London Art Portfolio course was an extremely good experience for me. The atmosphere was very creative, free and friendly. Julia Dennis had a great way of helping me to organise my work for my portfolio, and most importantly, to make me understand what I want my work to be like.

I learned a lot about presentation, experimenting with different mediums and the overall requirements of a portfolio. As I have progressed to my Foundation course and my BA, these skills have come in handy on many occasions.

When I first started the London Art Portfolio course, I had just finished high school and had very little idea of my future studies. Working with Julia helped me secure a place on a Foundation Course at London College of Communication, and later on a place on BA Womenswear at Central Saint Martins.

I would recommend London Art Portfolio to anyone looking to build up a portfolio and wishing to develop their creativity!”


Name: Aleksandra Rogowska

Nationality: Polish

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

“… CSM [Central Saint Martins] has offered me a place on foundation pathway: graphic design. I’m so happy! Thank you so much for your guidance and all heart that you put in to help me out.”


“I attended London Art Portfolio in July 2012. As a professional model at the age of 32 I decided I wanted to change my life and learn a new profession. I had a keen interest in arts but never specific education, so I didn’t know at that time whether my dream was even in the realm of reality.

Before I attended London Art Portfolio, I attempted working on my portfolio for CSM (yes I was aiming high) but this quickly ground to a holt. I opted for the 4 week preparation of the portfolio course at London Art Portfolio where I met Julia. This proved to be one of my best decisions.

The class was small and felt more like one-to-one tutorials than a class. Julia was very attentive and the atmosphere was supportive. Julia structured the class around themes, but worked with each student separately recognising the individual style and helping us to develop some new techniques and broaden our knowledge about some significant artists and art movements. She gave us space to work on the portfolio to find our way, but was there in the blink of an eye whenever we encountered problems. Julia has so much experience and knows exactly what the examiners are paying attention to.

When the course finished I took advantage of one-to-one tutorials to structure the portfolio and craft the motivational letter which is very important especially in the case of career change like myself.

I was accepted on the Foundation Graphic pathway with the first attempt, as well as getting into Ravensbourne and City and Guilds London Art School.


“Kurs zaczęłam w lipcu 2012 roku.

W wieku 32 lat, nadal pracując jako modelka, stwierdziłam, że chcę zmienić swoje życie i pójść w nieco innym kierunku. Zawsze interesowałam się sztuką, ale nie skończyłam żadnej szkoły o profilu plastycznym, więc nie wiedziałam czy to teraz będzie możliwe, aby próbować swoich sił na kierunku artystycznym.

Starałam się pracować inwidualnie nad swoim portfolio, ale szybko zorientowałam się, że to nie takie proste, więc zapisałam się na czterotygodniowy kurs w London Art Portfolio, gdzie poznałam Julię. I to była bardzo dobra decyzja.

Grupa była mała (max. 6 osób) i miałam poczucie, że nie jest to typowa klasa, ale bardziej była to praca inwidualna pod okiem nauczyciela. Atmosfera zajęć była bardzo miła i swobodna. Zajęcia Julii oscylowały wokół pewnych tematów, które były zapodawane, ale każdy student podchodził do nich w swój bardzo inwidualny i kreatywny sposób. Julia bardzo dbała o to, by każdy mógł maksymalnie wykorzystać swój czas w studio. Często podpowiadała na jakich ważnych artystów bądź kierunki w sztuce warto zwrócić uwagę, jakich technik użyć, jak najlepiej pokazać spektrum swoich własnych możliwości. Nie przeszkadzała. Nie narzucała się, ale była wtedy, gdy w pewnych momentach potrzebna mi była porada profesjonalisty; kogoś, kto okiem artysty potrafi ocenić i doradzić.

Julia ma ogromne doświadczenie i wiedzę, którą chętnie dzieli się ze swoimi uczniami.
Kiedy kurs się skończył, spotkałam się z Julią kilka razy (1:1) by lepiej zbudować i nadać pewną strukturę mojemu portfolio. Julia pomogła mi również przygotować się do napisania listu motywującego, który jest oceniany na równi z portfolio.
Efekt? Dostałam się na grafikę do Central Saint Martin za pierwszym podejściem! ( dostałam się rownież do Ravensbourne i City and Guilds London Art School)

We wrześniu zaczynam rok akademicki i mam nadzieję w przyszłości pracować jako Grafik.”