Masters Recommendations

Name: Anne Mortensen

Nationality: British

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Photography MA

Anne block booked a series of 1-1 Tutorials for fresh direction for her website and her CSM – UAL Masters Degree in Photography application. Anne joined LAP for help in organising her artwork for a successful Masters Application. This included portfolio preparation, MA level research and the editing of her Masters Proposal and Application Statement. 

“Julia at London Art Portfolio was a great support as I was in the process of my art education, and where I subsequently was accepted into UAL. Julia is highly knowledgeable in a variety of art disciplines and was able to advise me and reference targeted works related to my practice, which was effective and efficient. In addition, her personable approach made the process so much more clear, and assisted me in efficiently implementing and exploring different approaches. Julia was a welcoming independent, knowledgeable support to me as I developed my professional artistic aspirations.”


Name: Sarah Macartney

Nationality: British/Scottish

University: London College of Communication, University of the Arts London

Course: Postgraduate Diploma in Design for Visual Communication

Sarah had studied a Degree in English and History of Art. Sarah joined LAP to develop her creative skills and build a strong portfolio for her transition to a Graphic Design career path. Sarah’s progress at LAP  helped prepare her for her MA in Visual Communication at LCC – UAL which she graduated from in 2013.

“My 6-week portfolio course with Julia was invaluable in helping me to create a portfolio that led to my successful application to LCC’s postgraduate diploma in graphic design. My time at London Art Portfolio also acted as the perfect bridge between my first degree (in English and History of Art) and my change of direction to art school. Having not done any art or design since A Level, Julia’s supportive approach helped build my confidence. In particular her help and advice in regards to building sketchbooks and displaying research has been helpful all through my postgraduate studies, where sketchbooks are an essential element, and has put me at a definite advantage to those less familiar with this way of working.

I loved my time at London Art Portfolio and Julia’s support and expertise encouraged me to further pursue graphic design and was instrumental to my successful application to UAL.”


Name: Amy Hetherington

Nationality: British

University: Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

Course: MFA Graphic Design

Amy’s first Degree was in Printmaking from Winchester School of Art. When she joined LAP she was looking for a new direction in her life. Her aim was to apply for a Graphic Design Masters Degree in the USA that supported a Fine Art thinking. She was accepted by Otis College of Art and Design and California State University Northridge. Amy accepted the offer at Otis College of Art and Design and after graduating in 2012 she continues to live in LA.

“Thanks so much for your help Julia! Our sessions gave me that step up that I really needed to get my portfolio and statement together in the nick of time! The focus, encouragement and ideas that came out of sessions together were invaluable.”


Name: Marisa Daly

Nationality: British

University: Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, part of London Metropolitan University

Course: Fashion and Textile MA

As a full time stylist for ‘House and Garden’ magazine, Marisa was often in charge of directing photoshoots for the ‘House and Garden’ magazine. This involved the selection and arrangement of textile designs, fabrics, surface print and wallpaper. Marisa’s desire was to study to become a surface designers, to design her own patterns for fabrics and furnishings. After attending LAP, Marisa was much more confident in exploring textile surface designs and in submitting an application for a Master Degree. Marisa was successful in gaining an MA in Fashion and Textiles place at the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, London Metropolitan University that allowed her to continue working at ‘House and Garden’ magazine part-time.

“Julia has been a tremendous help to me in developing my portfolio. I was able to explore many techniques and incorporate my day job skills as an interior stylist into my work in order to demonstrate my interest in textiles. (…) She made me explore textiles in a new manner and I found her help supportive and inspiring. Julia gave me the much needed direction that was essential to me (…) and could not have done it without Julia’s wonderful tuition.”


Name: Marcos Ronquim

Nationality: Brazilian

University: Winchester School of Art, part of University of Southhampton

Course: Textile Design MA

After studying Fashion Design in Brazil, Marcos was searching to extend his skills and learn new approaches in the UK before going on to study on a Textile Design MA.

“London Art Portfolio’s workspace is welcoming and comfortable which provides a great atmosphere where you can develop your work. (…) I would just like to say I’m really grateful for Julia’s time and experience and I’m so pleased to say that I’ve been accepted by more than one university including my first choice. This would not have been possible without the help of Julia.”