“Julia’s approach was to inspire and guide but not take over allowing my daughter to prepare her portfolio in a constructive, winning manner.” – Parent of Student, BA Degree Fine Art Painting, Brighton School of Art, University of Brighton

We have an exceptional reputation with our International Portfolio Preparation applicants who gain successful places onto Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses with their quality portfolios.

We help you decide which specialist area in art and design is best for you, alongside choosing the right University and course to apply for. We support beginners, intermediate and the more advanced students. Innovation and idea development is at the forefront of what we deliver, alongside the discovery and extension of new skills, mediums and technique.

We are aware that you are often planning a European trip and that this is a great opportunity to strengthen your art and design portfolio too. We deliver a very bespoke service that can identify the needs and requirements of your personal portfolio.

We are popular with applicants from Britain and the international community. You will therefore meet students from around the world who come to study, extend their skills and create a quality art and design portfolio with London Art Portfolio. You will be based in central London near the famous Tower Bridge, be within easy walking distance to historic London Museums and contemporary art galleries; the Thames River; cafes, cinema, theatre and film.



At London Art Portfolio we are very aware of different art education systems around the world. Julia Dennis has lectured in Italy at the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design where she coordinated the drawing and idea development programme for the design departments. She is fluent in Italian and is very aware of art education curriculum programmes in Southern Europe. We are very popular with all latin speaking countries in Europe, including Central and South America, as well as Greece and Cyprus.



In Northern Europe, Julia designed a successful European Comenius project with a team of art educators and students from Finland, Belgium, Sweden and the UK. All parties learnt much about the difference between art education systems and innovation in design and technology! Applicants from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland have fully enjoyed their time and successes at London Art Portfolio.



As Course Leader of the Foundation Course at the National Arts School in Papua New Guinea, Julia liaised with regions in and around the Pacific for enrollment. Upon her return to Europe, Julia studied an MA in International Education Development at Sussex University. The course attracted major leaders in International education from around the world, including Ministers of Education.

This diverse experience has kept Julia Dennis up to date and very aware of a whole range of art and design education systems around the world. She now has a growing team of staff who are artists and designers from Britain and the International community. We are confident that we can identify what your portfolio requires in order to create a successful art and design University application in the UK or elsewhere.

Our International applicants are from a wide reaching International community which includes:Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, India, USA, Central and South America, Iran, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Israel and many more.



London is a culturally rich city where you will meet a diverse range of amazing people and visit some memorable places. Come to London and make the most of this wonderful world capital, renowned for the arts and build a better portfolio!

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