International EU Project

Julia enjoys being involved in International Art and design projects, and has the qualifications to do so. She is always looking for new opportunities to form multinational partnerships to explore new horizons in art and design; alongside new technology and communication skills and build pedagogical programs between different cultures, groups and institutions.

Her experience as a Course Leader in Art and Design in Papua New Guinea, an Arts Education Consultant in Italy for the Istituto Europeo di design in Torino and her studies on her MA in International Education Development at the University of Sussex has given her practical, academic and intellectual knowledge and understanding of project development.

The project was an EU funded Comenius project designed by the UK institution. JOENSUUN OPPIMISKESKUS in Finland and VRIJ TECHNISCH INSTITUUT in Belgium, took on the roles of technical development and execution after the final UK design had been selected. It was decided that Julia was responsible for the design of this project, which proved to be a great success.




The EU Comenius programme supports partnerships between schools in thematic fields of common interest and multilateral projects to develop new pedagogical methods or curricula. Projects focus on the development, testing and implementation of materials, methods and innovative strategies.

Pupils and students also have the possibility of visiting their partner institutions through the funding available. Partners visit heritage sites in each other’s countries. A group visits by the multilateral EU Comenius partners to Koli National Park in Finland.

This program enabled staff and students in the UK to work together in an innovative way and gather knowledge with partners in other Comenius eligible countries for the duration of two years. There is o doubt that this program enriched the curriculum in all three-partner countries and won awards in both Finland and Belgium.


To find out more about the students experience, please read the document below written by Dominic who participated in the project. Dominic Cort – Student from Finland Report