Degree Recommendations

Name: Poppy Eastwood

Nationality: British

University: The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University

Course: BFA Programme

“On finishing my A levels, I was directed towards London Art Portfolio by word of mouth recommendations.  Working on the six week course helped me both to understand the importance of creative process and to establish my own artistic interests outside of the structure of a set curriculum.

The course introduced me to a variety of techniques and materials as well as the skills to communicate efficiently through these mediums. Consistent encouragement to explore and develop my own ideas further led to the production of a richer and more mature kind of work. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and were always keen to push you to your full potential. As a result of all these things, I consider the time spent at London Art Portfolio invaluable and would definitely recommend it to anyone serious about pursuing art and design in the long term.”


Name: Linda Cipriani

Nationality: Italian

University: Oxford Brookes University

Course: BA (Hons) Fine Art and Film Studies 

“I’m really enjoying studying Fine Art and Film Studies at Oxford Brookes but it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for LAP!

With only a 6 week course my way of projecting and creating changed remarkably and improved technically as well. LAP was an immersive experience and a vibrant arty place, a perfect place to start an artistic journey.

All the tutors’ dedication and passion drove me to work hard and stimulated me to experiment my ideas with different mediums and it was these teachings which were the source of some of the installations I created at OB. Life drawing and 3D model making also helped me to have a great sense of space and composition too.

Most of all Julia gave me the tools to be able to be creative in every context and she helped me to build a very succesful portfolio.

It’s been an amazing experience!”



Name: Beatrice Boselli

Nationality: Italian

University: Architectural Association School of Architecture

Course: Undergraduate Architecture Diploma (ARB/RIBA)

“For the summer I decided to consider doing something specific for my further education, which turned out to be a fantastic experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I spent six weeks in one of the most incredible cities in the world: London. Where I attended a course at London Art Portfolio, in order to develop a portfolio for my university application for architecture.

I have a great interest in art and architecture, but I had never attended an art course before, so it was all kind of new to me. I found London Art Portfolio the best choice as the courses were made up of very few people and the tutors were always available to give you a personal feedback. On the course I met people with different backgrounds and from different countries, it has been so interesting being able to compare my work to others and receive feedback from them.

During the course I felt there was a very positive atmosphere, the students were working hard and were open to critics and the tutors were very interested in our ideas and able to give clever suggestions on how to build a very good portfolio.

All in all, I think that the course was structured in a very useful way to develop the portfolio at its best. All the tutors have always been available to help us. I think that if you want to make the most of these 6 weeks and start to build a strong portfolio it is important to book 1-1 tuition, as I did.

During these 1-1 sessions I was given personal feedback on my work and the tutor helped me to understand what was better for me to work on. Moreover they gave me some research to do on my own, which was really interesting.

I loved my experience at London art Portfolio, it is a very nice environment to spend time in and everyone is really lovely. You can meet a lot of encouraging people sharing your interests and passions, making friends from all over the world. It has been amazing; I hope to go back to London Art Portfolio very soon.”


Name: Vy Cutting

Nationality: British / Vietnamese

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Fashion: Womenswear BA (Hons)

“From my 1:1 tuitions at London Art Portfolio, I’ve not only reached my goals of getting into Central Saint Martins, but I’ve broaden my artistic skills and creativity.

I was able to develop my drawing skills, through the use of mixed media, including collaging and Photoshop, which I was not exposed to at A level art. I was taught how to expand my ideas, think outside the box, through artist, and historical research, a fundamental foundation for a strong portfolio and more importantly, build a strong concept, which made my portfolio unique and stand out at interviews.

Before coming to London Art Portfolio, I was only exposed to the fine art direction, however, after a few weeks at London Art Portfolio, I was introduced to graphic design and fashion; and immediately found my new interest for fashion. The incredible book range available at London Art Portfolio, helped me with my research, I was able to develop my design visualisation into realisation.

I received a lot of help with my personal statement and guidance throughout applying to art school, I was given advise on different courses and which university to apply to, to meet my own personal interests.

Throughout the last year, I’ve matured in so many different levels thanks to Julia, she’s helped me through the toughest times, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come from my first tutorial. A year ago, getting into the CSM, was just a long distant dream, but now I feel confident to embrace my year ahead on the foundation course. The atmosphere at London Art Portfolio is like no other, and it’s a place that I feel like home. London Art Portfolio is not a place where you can laze about and expect everything to be done for you. You will be encouraged and pushed to achieve your artistic dreams.”


Name: Nina Tanskala

Nationality: Finnish

University: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Course: Fashion: Womenswear BA (Hons)

As a whole, the London Art Portfolio course was an extremely good experience for me. The atmosphere was very creative, free and friendly. Julia Dennis had a great way of helping me to organise my work for my portfolio, and most importantly, to make me understand what I want my work to be like.

I learned a lot about presentation, experimenting with different mediums and the overall requirements of a portfolio. As I have progressed to my Foundation course and my BA, these skills have come in handy on many occasions.

When I first started the London Art Portfolio course, I had just finished high school and had very little idea of my future studies. Working with Julia helped me secure a place on a Foundation Course at London College of Communication, and later on a place on BA Womenswear at Central Saint Martins.

I would recommend London Art Portfolio to anyone looking to build up a portfolio and wishing to develop their creativity!


Name: Cara Brock

Nationality: German

University: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Course: Fashion Textiles and Technology Degree

The time I spent right beside Tower Bridge at the London Art Portfolio has been a wonderful month filled with creative work. It definitely improved the ability to use my hands and my brain in any possible way. I’ve ameliorated my observational drawing skills, got used to sketch everyday, learned to distinguish between ideas that have potential and other ones that didn’t need further development, but most of all, I am more certain than ever that I want to follow a creative career and that art is what my life should be filled with.

The most productive weeks, for me, were week 2 and 3. The brainstorming process and the first development of ideas to put in my Portfolio really settled me up for the work I still will and need to do at home. Week 1 was a helpful start and provided the opportunity to produce some good drawings for everyone’s Portfolio.

The Location and area of the Studio is more than perfect, coffee shops and supermarkets are nearby, as well as the print shop, that, if you smile a little brighter than you normally would, gives you great discounts. The studio makes you feel at home immediately and radiates an artsy atmosphere that inspires you from the second you walk in.

The group I found myself in was quite international and really grew together after a couple of days. While producing material for my personal Portfolio I also made new friends that I certainly want to see again.

I might not be done with even a quarter of my Portfolio, but I now know how to keep going, which is the most important thing for me. I would advise anyone wanting to pursue a creative career or apply for a degree course that requires a Portfolio to book a course at the London Art Portfolio. However, if possible, I would book a course longer than four weeks. The duration of four weeks might seem long but it will pass really quickly and other useful skills (such as the proper use of Photoshop) are taught in longer courses.


Die Zeit, die ich direkt bei der Tower Bridge in einem vierwöchigen Portfolio-Kurs des London Art Portfolios verbrachte, entpuppte sich als ein kreativer, wundervoller Monat. Ich konnte definitiv meine Fähigkeiten, ob nun auf kreative Denkprozesse oder auf künstlerische Arbeit bezogen, merklich steigern. Ich verbesserte meine Zeichenfähigkeiten, besonders das abschätzen und aufs Papier bringen von Proportionen, ich gewöhnte mich daran und genoss es, jeden Tag zu zeichnen, ich lernte zwischen guten und weniger guten Ideen zu unterscheiden, aber am Wichtigsten ist, dass ich mir sicherer bin denn je, dass eine kreative Karriere und ein Leben voll mit Kunst das Richtige für mich ist.

Die produktivsten Wochen waren meiner Meinung nach Woche 2 und 3. Der Brainstorming-Prozess und die erste Entwicklungen von Ideen machte mich bereit für die Arbeit, die es nun noch Zuhause zu erledigen gibt. Woche 1 war ebenfalls hilfreich, so gelang es jedem der Teilnehmer mehrere gute Zeichnungen für das individuelle Portfolio anzufertigen.

Die Location des Studios ist hingegen wirklich mehr als perfekt. Cafes und Supermärkte sind nur wenige Meter entfernt und wenn man die Mitarbeiter des nahegelegen Print-Shops anlächelt, bekommt man auch einen Rabatt. Das Studio lässt einen sich sofort wie zuhause fühlen und ist ein Ort der Inspiration.

Die Teilnehmergruppe, zu der ich vier Wochen lang gehörte, stellte sich aus verschiedensten Nationen zusammen. Wir alle teilten die gleiche Leidenschaft, Kunst, freundeten uns schnell an und trafen uns auch außerhalb der Kurszeiten für Aktivitäten. Ich bin mir sicher, dass ich den Einen oder Anderen irgendwann wiedertreffen werde.

Vermutlich ist noch nicht einmal 1/4 meines Portfolios fertiggestellt, aber ich weiß nun, was es zu tun gilt, um es fertigzustellen. Ich würde jedem, der für sich einen degree course bewerben wird, bei dem ein Portfolio verlangt wird raten, einen Kurs am London Art Portfolio zu buchen. Trotzdem scheint mir ein längerer Kurs, der über vier Wochen hinausgeht sinnvoller. Vier Wochen scheinen eine lange Zeit zu sein, aber die Zeit vergeht unglaublich schnell und weitere nützliche Fähigkeiten (wie die Benutzung von Photoshop) werden erst nach den vier Wochen erlernt.


Name: Roshni Patel

Nationality: British

University: Cardiff University

Course: BSc Architecture

Offers of Acceptance: University of Nottingham, University of Liverpool, Cardiff University

Taking the 24 week course at London Art Portfolio has been a wonderful in helping me create a successful portfolio for my university applications. My time at LAP was an fantastic experience that significantly helped me in producing work that I was not only pleased with, but was good enough to be used as part of my portfolio. The course allowed me to challenge my skills and learn new techniques that I could use to develop my work further. It also gave me the opportunity to experiment using a wide range of mediums and I was able take advantage of the materials and facilities provided to us to be more creative and add more depth to my work. LAP also provides its students with a variety of tutors during teaching hours, all from different backgrounds associated within the art/design world, which I believe was very useful, as their different perspectives and input into the work I did, helped me to build up my work and formulate my own ways of thinking. I have definitely seen an improvement in the quality of my work from studying at LAP, and thanks to Julia Dennis and all the other tutors, I am confident that I will be able to use what I have learnt at a degree level.

The opportunities offered by LAP, paired with the super friendly atmosphere at the studios would be useful for any art student, not just for someone who wants to study architecture. Working in a creative environment with students from all over the world every day definitely helped me as a gap year student to develop, and discover more about the design area I would like to continue on with in the future. I was also able to make some new friends along the way!

I would like to say a very big thank you to London Art Portfolio for all the help and support they gave me and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build a portfolio for any art/design area!


Name: Ida Larsson

Nationality: Swedish

University: Oxford Brookes University

Course: BA (Hons) Architecture

LAP taught me to constantly experiment with different materials, try out crazy colour combinations and find solutions to my projects that I never would have tried out before. I learned to present my train of thoughts both in speech and images, something that made me confident in my interviews.

I met loads of inspiring and wise students and teachers from all over the world and everyone supported each other, which contributed to a very open and creative atmosphere. Together we visited different museums, galleries, historical buildings  and many other inspiring places that London has to offer. In the studio we worked both independently and in groups on our projects. Occasionally, we received briefings how to create paper models, how to best use paint, markers, crayons, charcoal, and other materials, how important a collage can be as well as the representation of a mind map. There was always something new to learn at LAP and I was always very eager to spend another day there.

These 24 weeks was incredibly helpful and at the same time fun and I recommend everyone who wants a strong, creative and fun portfolio to start their journey here.


LAP fick mig att ständigt våga experimentera med olika material, leka med tokiga färgkombinationer och hitta lösningar på mina projekt som jag aldrig tidigare skulle sett. LAP fick mig att tänka mer kritisk gentemot mina egna projekt, men samtidigt våga satsa fullt ut på en tanke. Jag lärde mig att presentera min tankegång både i tal och bilder, något som gjorde mig självsäker inför mina kommande intervjuer.

Under mina 24 veckor hos London Art Portfolio har jag lärt mig otroligt mycket av designprocessen, men också träffat många inspirerande och kloka elever och lärare från hela världen. Vi stöttade varandra genom de olika projekten, vilket bidrog till en väldigt öppen och kreativ miljö. Tillsammans besökte vi olika museum, gallerier, historiska byggnader och många andra inspirerande platser som London har att erbjuda. I studion jobbade vi både självständigt och i grupp. Vi fick prova på krokimålning, skapa pappersmodeller, lära oss om olika program som t ex Rhino och Photoshop, skapa kollage, tankebubblor och mycket mycket mer.

Jag är otroligt tacksam till de duktiga lärarna som stöttade och pushade mig genom hela processen. Dessa 24 veckor var otroligt roliga och jag rekommenderar alla som vill ha en stark, kreativ och inspirerande portfolio att söka dit.



Name: Maat Akouala

Nationality: Congolese

University: Arts University Bournemouth

Course: BA Graphic Design

Offers of Acceptance: University of the Arts London – Camberwell, Arts University Bournemouth, University of the Creative Arts, Sussex Coast College and Intuit Lab – France

When I joined London Art Portfolio, it was my aim to finish my portfolio and apply to university for the coming semester. I started the course in June 2015 and the first week was very challenging. I explored a range of techniques that were new to me and it was difficult to be out of your comfort zone, but when you become comfortable it is a great experience. I learned a lot during this week about hands on drawing.

The following weeks was an eye opening experience for me. We had to do a lot of research and begin the design process. It is good to be with people from different backgrounds because they share many ideas that can help with your project. I had the chance to do what I was really passionate about but knew little about. The project was great and I liked experimenting with collages and packaging to create my final piece.

The 4 week course was very short and I wasn’t expecting to have so much work to show at the end – but I did! I liked Julia’s teaching style, she is so encouraging and had great ideas for each one of my project ideas. The different tutors that would come in were helpful as well because they had a different perspective on the project and it was another opportunity to talk about our work in preparation for interviews.

I applied to different schools and so far I received 4 offers from the University of the Arts Camberwell, Arts University Bournemouth, University for the Creative Arts and Sussex Coast College in the UK and Intuit Lab in France. I feel so confident now and so happy to have had such amazing people helping me to achieve my goals.


Name: Vanessa Pillay

Nationality: South African

University: Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design

Course: BA Fashion Design

Offers of Acceptance: Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design, London College of Fashion – UAL (BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear), University for the Creative Arts

It has been a great pleasure studying in London Art Portfolio for the past 24 weeks! I wanted for so long to change my career as a flight attendant to become a fashion designer yet I didn’t know where to begin as I was hopeless in drawing and had no background in Art at all…

Julia and her team were very welcoming and I felt at home. The atmosphere is warm and the classes are really small so you get one to one tutor support. I was taught figure drawing, went to Museum exhibitions, field trips, which led to my initial project ideas. The tutors were always there to guide us and accept our ideas as valuable. I enjoyed printmaking and model making as well as Draping and fashion illustration.

Sometimes I look back and think I cannot believe that before this course I didn’t know anything about drawing and it used to be very frustrating trying to express my ideas on paper.

I am also happy to report that I have been accepted to study with two Universities in London including London College of Fashion.


Name: Michael Huerlimann

Nationality: Swiss

University: Kingston University London

Course: Fashion BA(Hons)

“I cannot praise the school enough! I came to LAP with very little artistic experience or knowledge, in fact to be honest, I could hardly draw but with the guidance and skills of Julia and her team, I quickly caught up! I don’t think I would have ever been offered a place at Kingston University, or been invited for an interview at St Martins, had it not been for LAP. The tuition is great – Julia and her team are dedicated, patient and knowledgeable. There are intensive drawing lessons to start each course, and after that, a very quick progression takes place! I also benefited greatly from the evening courses in Fashion Illustration, as well as the 1 on 1’s that Julia offers. I think I really benefited most in the last 6 weeks, when I had more confidence to let my creativity unleash. I don’t want to imagine where I’d be without LAP.

The school itself is in a fantastic location, and the atmosphere is extremely productive and supportive. The students are more than happy to help each other out, there is creative interdisciplinary dialogue, and it’s a great inspirational environment to work in.”


Name: Sophie Jebsen

Nationality: Norwegian

University: The University of Edinburgh

Course: Architecture BA

“From January through March 2014, I attended the 12-week course at London Art Portfolio. As I want to study architecture, I came to London Art Portfolio to work on both my digital and physical portfolio, which is a necessity when applying to schools.

London Art Portfolio, and Julia in particular, gave me creative guidance and help throughout the course to make sure I achieved and produced work, not only I, myself was pleased with, but work that would get me accepted to the schools I applied to. The course helped me prepare for further studies and challenges that come with studying a creative subject.

What I liked about London Art Portfolio was that we were a diverse group of students all working on different creative subjects. Whether your subject was fashion design, graphics, fine art or architecture – it didn’t matter. Julia and her team’s knowledge and creativity expands over a diverse amount of subjects, and you receive the best possible creative guidance no matter what subject you are focusing on. Julia and the other teacher’s enthusiasm was a true inspiration that helped me achieve my very best at London Art Portfolio.”


“Fra januar til mars 2014 deltok jeg på 12-ukers kurs ved London Art Portfolio. Ettersom jeg ønsker å studere arkitektur, kom jeg til London Art Portfolio for å jobbe både med min digitale og fysiske portefølje, noe som er en nødvendighet når du søker på arkitektur ved universitetene. London Art Portfolio, og Julia særlig, ga meg kreativ veiledning og hjelp gjennom hele kurset for å sørge for at jeg oppnådde og produserte arbeid, ikke bare jeg, meg selv var fornøyd med, men arbeid som ville få meg inn på universitetene jeg søkte. Kurset hjalp meg forberede meg til videre studier og utfordringene som følger med å studere et kreativt fag. Det jeg likte med London Art Portfolio var at vi var en mangfoldig gruppe av elever som alle arbeidet med ulike kreative fag. Det gjorde ingen forskjell om fokuset ditt var mote, grafisk design, kunst eller arkitektur. Julia og hennes teams kunnskap og kreativitet strekker seg over en variert mengde fag, og du får den best mulige kreative veiledning uansett hvilket fag du fokuserer på. Julia og de andre lærerenes entusiasme var en sann inspirasjon som hjalp meg prestere mitt aller beste på London Art Portfolio.”


Name: George Mantripp

Nationality: Brazillian and British

University: Staffordshire University

Course: Transport Design BA(Hons)

I have studied at London Art Portfolio this year. I have progressed very well. Julia has given me many ideas and has improved my skills. She helps and motivates greatly. There is always a lot to do, but it is good for me to learn, London Art Portfolio is a friendly and good place to improve, and prepare a portfolio also Julia takes us to museums, exhibitions. Julia helped with my English statement and advising with applications.

Eu estive estudando em London Art Portfolio esse ano. Tenho progredido bastante. A Julia tem me dado muitas ideias e melhorou minhas habilidades. Ela ajuda a motivar bastante. Há sempre muita coisa para fazer, mas é bom para eu aprender, London Art Portfolio é amigável um excelente lugar para melhorar e preparar um portfolio também Julia levaa museus, exposições. Ela também me ajudou com a minha declaração de inglês e aconselhando com aplicações.


Name: Emily Coulter

Nationality: Norwegian

University: Hereford College of Art

Course: BA(Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts

“After spending 12 weeks at London Art Portfolio I left feeling very happy with my time spent there leaving with a fabulous portfolio. A bonus from attending London Art Portfolio was having placements at the Art Colleges I wanted to go to!  My time at LAP left me with a great deal of knowledge consisting of new skills, new ways of thinking and techniques. I got to experiment with many mediums that I had not used before and one thing I discovered about myself is that I could draw. The course’s structure is very well laid out and in the beginning you may not understand but at the end of it you see how it all fits together and how much you have learnt. It paces you out with the work you do and you go through each stage which helps you lead to your final piece with covering every step possible. Before when I had an idea in my head I would go straight ahead with it but I learnt that with experimentation and pacing yourself makes your final piece so much better and well thought out. Another lovely thing about LAP is the people you meet there which makes it even more worth while. Always a friendly atmosphere with many helping hands at bay. There were many international people which was nice as it gave you an insight to other people’s cultures. I really liked that if you were stuck with your work you always had many open minded and creative people around you who could give you some advice on how to progress with your work.

Julia who runs LAP is a very talented and knowledge about the creative world. If you ever had a question she would never fail to answer and always supply you with helpful advice. There were around 20 people when I was attending the course and Julia gave her personal time to every single one of them and not one person was doing the same thing. It made everyone’s work more individual and unique which is very important for interviews as you don’t show up with the same work as everyone else. Julia always had an artist too that related to your work which was always helpful.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at LAP and learnt so much. My favorite part was that it gave me new ways of thinking creatively which is important with the course I am going to start. You feel fully prepared for your Art College and will definitely stand out from the rest.”


“Etter å ha tilbrakt 12 uker på London Art Portfolio kurs, var jeg veldig fornøyd med min tid der og endte opp med en fantastisk portefølje. En bonus av å delta på London Art Portfolio var at min portefølje ble bra nok til å komme på intervju på alle kunst skolene jeg søkte på. Jeg har nå sikret meg plass på Hereford College of Art. Etter fullført tid på LAP har jeg tilegnet meg ny kunnskap som består av nye ferdigheter, nye tenkemåter og teknikker. Jeg fikk muligheten til å eksperimentere med mange medier som jeg ikke hadde benyttet før, og en ting jeg oppdaget om meg selv er at jeg kunne tegne. Kursen er svært godt strukturert, selv om du i begynnelsen er du litt forvirret,  ser man på slutten av kurset hvordan alt henger sammen og hvor mye du har lært. På kurset lærer man å gå gjennom hvert trinn i ”design syklusen” slik at det ferdige produktet blir mer raffinert og gjennomtenkt. Jeg personlig pleide å ha en idé i hodet mitt og så bare gå rett fram med det, men jeg har lært at med eksperimentering og slikt gjør den siste biten så mye bedre og gjennomtenkt. En annen fin ting med LAP er menneskene du møter. Alltid en vennlig atmosfære med mange hjelpende hender i sjakk. Det var mange internasjonale personer på kurset, dette gir deg et innblikk i andres kulturer. Jeg likte at hvis du ble sittende fast med arbeidet ditt , så var det alltid mange åpne tenkende og kreative mennesker rundt deg som kunne gi deg noen råd om hvordan å gå videre med arbeidet ditt.

Julia som driver LAP er en svært talentfull og kunnskapsrik om den kreative verden. Hvis du noen gang hadde et spørsmål om noe, ville hun aldri unnlate å svare og alltid gi deg nyttige råd. Det var rundt 20 mennesker da jeg var på kurset og Julia gav hennes personlige tid til hver eneste en av dem, selv om alle gjorde forskjellige ting. Det gjorde alles arbeid mer individuelle og unike som er svært viktig for opptaks intervjuer. Julia  kunne alltid referere til en kunstner som var relatert til arbeidet ditt, som var veldig nyttig.

Jeg likte virkelig min tid på LAP og lærte mye. Min favoritt del var at det gav meg nye måter å tenke kreativt , dette er en viktig egenskap på studiet jeg skal begynne på til høsten. Man føler seg bedre rustet til sine videre studier og vil definitivt skille seg ut fra andre.”


Name: Alice Fresnel

Nationality: French

University: ESMOD Berlin

Course: (BA) Fashion Design and Pattern Making/Draping

“I have been doing the 6 weeks course at London art Portfolio from mid October to the end of November.
It has been a really great and interesting experience for me and it helped me realize which studies I truly wanted to do.
London art portfolio is a good and well organized institution, I had the chance to be part of only twenty students and I think this is the best point of the courses they offer. As we are only a few of us taking those courses we are able to ask for help or advice at any moment and have immediate feedbacks from our tutors, generally between three and six per day. Something important that I have noticed and that we barely find in other institution is that we are free to talk to Julia, the headmaster, at any moment, she’s quite always available for each of her student.
At London art portfolio you can find quite everything you need to build up your portfolio, no matter which area you’ve choose there is a lot of materials provided for us.  But more than that we had the great chance to have some professional coming over to LAP to teach us their own skills, as a 3D designer and a fashion illustrator.
Finally I would say that the most positive part is the presence of our tutors and Julia during all the development of our projects to the end of the building of our portfolio. They have been able to provide to each of us personal advices and helped us find our way through the different courses in the design area.
I would recommend you London Art Portfolio if you are looking for help to build up a portfolio and help you to get into the university of your dreams.”


Name: Paola Barrago

Nationality: Italian

University: London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Course: Fashion Design Technology BA (Hons)

“My experience at London Art Portfolio has been more than positive, I would say great! I sincerely thank Julia, our tutor, who, with her professionalism and motivation, has guided me in creating a beautiful Portfolio of Fashion Design. My goal was to be admitted to the London College of Fashion, I knew this would be difficult and that I had to work very hard, given that I originate from a Social Sciences background and I practiced design as a hobby and interest, without qualifications. Julia gave me the support and direction throughout the course with her expert advice, both practical and technical, and with her great passion has given me many ideas in order to create a unique piece of work that opened my mind to new ideas and inspiration. At the end of the course, I had an interview at the London College of Fashion and I was accepted! It was a great victory and I owe a lot to London Art Portfolio! Thank you very much!”


“La mia esperienza al London Art Portfolio è stata piu che positiva, direi eccezionale! Ringrazio di cuore Julia, la nosta insegnante, che con la sua grande professionalità e motivazione mi ha guidata nel realizzare un bellissimo Portfolio di Fashion Design. Il mio obbiettivo era l’ammissione al London College of Fashion, ma apevo che sarebbe stata dura e avrei dovuto lavorare tanto, visto che arrive da un background di Scienze Sociali e ho praticato il disegno solo come hobby e interesse personale, senza una formazione accademica. Julia mi ha seguita e indirizzata durante tutto il corso con I suoi preziosissimi consigli sia pratici che tecnici, e con la sua grande passion mi ha dato tanti stimoli per poter realizzare un lavoro unico aprendo la mia mente a nuova idee. Alla fine del corso, ho avuto il colloquio al London College of Fashion e sono stata ammessa! È stata una grande vittoria e devo tantissimo al London Art Portfolio! Grazie infinite!”


Name: Simona Stoyanova

Nationality: Bulgarian

University: Istituto Marangoni

Course: Fashion Design BA (Hons)

“Straight after graduating high school I started working in the fashion industry and that is what I have been doing for the past three years. Several months ago, however, I felt that I wanted a career change and I decided that I would pursue my dreams of going to Art College. At first I was uncertain of my own abilities and I lacked confidence. That is why I decided to seek the expertise of Julia. She made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and starting from our first one-to-one tutorial I began to develop my drawing skills. She made sure that throughout our time together we explored different mediums, techniques and approaches. We visited museums, explored different artists, made thorough research on various topics and never stopped seeking inspiration. That is why my learning process was enjoyable, diverse and educational. After three months of hard work at the studio and consistent follow-up on my independent study at home I now have a completed portfolio of work and feel much more confident in my own skills. I feel prepared for my interviews and cannot express my gratitude to Julia for her support, guidance and encouragement throughout the sensitive process of career change.”


Name: Nora Berger

Nationality: Austrian

University: University of Applied Arts Vienna

Course: Fashion Design BA (Hons)

“Nothing made me more sure about knowing what I want to do in life than this course. I got accepted to both subjects I applied for; Fashion Design and Textile Art”

“Aus künstlerischer Perspektive hat mich nichts mehr davon überzeugt, was ich in meinem Leben machen möchte, als dieser Kurs. Ich habe Zusagen zu beiden Programmen bekommen, für welche ich mich beworben habe, Fashion Design und Textilkunst.”


Name: Rosie Martin

Country: British

University: Goldsmiths, University of London

Course: Design BA (Hons)

“Julia’s efforts in keeping me motivated and pushing ideas, and realising that I can do it have been most beneficial! I feel this course and Julia’s help have been excellent for getting me thinking that perusing my creative interest isn’t out of reach.”


Name: Lisa Lauenstein

Nationality: German

University: Birmingham City University

Course: Animation and Film BA (Hons)

“I am happy to recommend Julia Dennis and London Art Portfolio. Thanks to Julia Dennis’ professional and kind guidance I have been able to enrol in an undergraduate course at Birmingham City University, after comfortably securing two unconditional offers for two separate courses. When I first met Julia Dennis I immediately knew she was a very professional, kind and articulate tutor, something she proved throughout my six week long course.

Julia has a wonderful ability to connect with her students and create a fun and relaxed environment to work in. Throughout my six weeks on the course I felt very happy with my abilities thanks to her positive reinforcement and excellent advice. I feel that Julia has given me the confidence to succeed with my application and helped me learn a completely new style and approach to my projects.”


Name: Sandra Vohtz

Country: Danish

University: The University of Brighton

Course: Fine Art Painting BA (Hons)

“I saw Julia one-to-one and only intended to do a few lessons to see what it was like. Straight away she made me feel comfortable. Julia is an amazing and very skilled art tutor, her positive energy and incredible wide knowledge makes everything seem so easy. She taught me new techniques and pointed me in new directions. In just a few weeks I regained my self-confidence and developed my art much further than I had dreamed. With Julia’s help I secured a place at Brighton University, Arts department, where I’m currently studying for a BA in Fine Art Painting. I am still in contact with Julia and I’m always looking forward to discussing my ideas with her – she is truly inspirational.

If you feel stuck, have lost your confidence or need to put together a winning portfolio then don’t hesitate to contact London Art Portfolio. Thank you Julia!”


“Jeg så Julia til privat undervisning og havde kun planlagt at tage et par lektioner for at se, hvad det var noget for mig. Hun fik mig straks til at føle mig hjemme. Julia er en fantastisk og meget dygtig underviser, hendes positive energi og utrolig brede viden gør at alt synes så let. Hun lærte mig nye teknikker og pegede mig i nye retninger. På bare et par uger genvandt jeg min selvtillid og udviklede min kunst meget længere, end jeg havde drømt om. Med Julias hjælp, fik jeg sikret en plads på Brighton University, Arts afdeling, hvor jeg i øjeblikket studerer for en BA i Fine Art Maleri. Jeg er stadig i kontakt med Julia, og jeg ser altid frem til at diskutere mine ideer med hende – hun er virkelig inspirerende.

Hvis du føler dig uinspireret, har mistet din selvtillid eller har brug for at sammensætte en vindende portefølje så tøv ikke med at kontakte London Art Portfolio. Tak Julia!”


Name: Agota Rencsenyi

Nationality: Hungarian

University: To Be Confirmed

Course: BA Graphic Design

During the 6 week course at LAP I learned how to develop my ideas from scratch to final presentation. Showing me new techniques and skills LAP helped me to step out of my comfort zone and try things that I would have never thought I am able to create. I felt that Julia was taking care of us not only as a group but as individuals. She gave us support one by one and keeping us inspired through the whole course.  I would highly recommend LAP for anyone who is seeking to build a portfolio.


A 6 hetes portfolio kurzus alatt megtanultam felepiteni az otleteimet az alapoktol a vegso prezentacioig. A kulonbozo uj technikak segitsegevel, amiket a LAP-nal tanultam, sikerult kilepnem a komfortzonambol es olyan uj dolgokat kiprobalni amire elotte nem is gondoltam, hogy kepes lennek. Julia nem csak a csoportra forditott nagy figyelmet, hanem szemely szerint mindannyiunkra figyelt es tanacsaival vegig segitette a munkankat, hogy inspiraltak maradjunk. Teljesen oszinten es tiszta szivbol ajanlom a LAP iskolat mindenkinek akinek szuksege van segitsegre, hogy egy jo portfoliot epitsen fel.


Name: Bianca Werner

Nationality: German

University: To Be Confirmed

Course: BA Graphic Design

When I first arrived at the London Art Portfolio I was super surprised because I was so warmly welcomed. Meeting people from all over the world was very interesting and exciting for me. I loved the atmosphere of internationality and made friends with the people pretty fast.

Working in the studio in the first week was a completely new experience for me because we really had to concentrate to the projects and drawings we were doing but it was fun! To be informed by John, Julia, Petra and Matteo was super helpful. Also Andrea was always there for questions and suggestions (and for distributing popcorn).

The second week was full of work because you really had to start thinking about creating your portfolio and also do things you could put in there. It took a lot of your free time but it was definitely worth it. In this week I made the biggest progress.

Doing the collages in the third week was very innovative and intense. We got inspired by one of the around 100 art books that Julia has stacked in the study room and talked a lot about artists and intentions of doing art. To exchange thoughts and ideas from all our group members was fascinating because you created an extremely creative brainstorm and shared all the things that were going on in your mind.

In the fourth week we realized some of our ideas in real 3D-models with paper. This was a kind of physical work because from all the cutting and folding you began to get real arm muscles. Also your brain got trained because you had to plan how your drawing of the model has to look like in 2D when it should be the real 3D-model when its folded. To take photographs of the models was also interesting because you had to think about the light and the perspective so that you have photographs you can use for your portfolio.

In general I can just say that I enjoyed the time at the LAP a lot. I learned so much about art but also about many other things (for example how the microwave worked and how you should use the wifi so that you can use it). I’ll miss this time especially when I’m finishing my portfolio without all my group mates and the useful tips from Julia and Andrea.


Als ich das erste mal das London Art Portfolio betrat war ich super überrascht weil ich so herzlich begrü.t wurde. Leute von überall auf der Welt zu treffen war sehr interessant und spannend für mich. Ich habe die Atmosphäre von Internationalität geliebt und habe mich ziemlich schnell mit allen angefreundet.

In der ersten Woche im studio zu arbeiten war für mich eine total neue Erfahrung, da wir uns den ganzen Tag auf unsere Zeichnungen konzentrieren mussten, aber es hat Spaß gemacht! Unterrichtet worden zu sein von John, Julia, Petra und Matteo war super hilfreich. Auch Andrea war immer da für Fragen oder Anregungen (oder um Popcorn zu verteilen).

Die zweite Woche war voll mit Arbeit weil man sich stark mit dem Thema auseinandersetzen musste und sich überlegen musste, wie man seine Mappe gestalten will. Ebenfalls musste man natürlich Dinge gestalten die man für das Portfolio nutzen konnte. Es hat mich viel meiner Freizeit gekostet aber das war es Wert. In dieser Woche habe ich den größten Fortschritt gemacht.

Collagen zu kreieren in der dritten Woche war sehr innovativ und intensiv. Wir wurden inspiriert von einem der ungefähr 100 Kunstbüchern, die Julia im study room gestapelt und im Regal stehen hat, und haben viel über Künstler geredet. Sich über Gedanken und Ideen auszutauschen war faszinierend weil man einen kreativen Brainstorm geschaffen hat in dem man all die Dinge, die im eigenen Kopf rumschwirren, mit den anderen teilen konnte.

In der vierten Woche haben wir einige Ideen in 3D-Modelle aus Papier realisiert. Das war teilweise sogar eine körperliche Arbeit, da man vom ganzen schneiden und falten schon richtige Armmuskeln bekommen hat. Auch das Gehirn wurde trainiert da man auf sein 2D-papier 3D zeichnen musste und sozusagen umdenken musste, damit es am Ende auch so aussieht wie man es sich vorgestellt hat. Von den Modellen Fotos zu machen war auch interessant, da man überlegen musste mit welchem Licht und aus welcher Perspektive man fotografieren musste, damit ein Bild dabei rauskommt, was man für seine Mappe verwenden kann.

Generell kann ich nur sagen dass ich die Zeit im LAP sehr genossen habe. Ich habe so viel über Kunst gelernt aber auch über andere Dinge (zum Beispiel wie man die Mikrowelle bedient oder wie man das Wifi benutzen sollte damit es funktioniert). Ich werde die Zeit vermissen, vorallem wenn ich mein Portfolio fertig machen werde ohne die Leute vom Kurs und den hilfreichen Tipps von Julia und Andrea.