Digital Services

Expand your digital design skill set and improve your digital portfolio


Save 15% off your tuition fees by paying early for all types of One-One Tutorials commencing before 13th December 2019

Valid for Bookings paid by 5th August 2019. New Price: £180 for 2 hours

Startup package programme: £1,800 (10 sessions = 20 hrs)

The importance of understanding digital design programmes and submitting digital portfolios is increasing daily; the Digital Services offered at London Art Portfolio can support your digital design knowledge and presentation for university course applications, course support and career applications too. Our experienced tutors can design particular digital design programmes to meet your needs and future goals.

Digital design programmes are utilised in all areas of art and design: fine art, fashion and textiles, graphic design, architecture and many more. Through our Digital Services, you will increase your skill set and knowledge of particular CAD programmes to prepare for your future in the digital age. Our consultations will support your understanding and exploration of the tools and processes within digital design. All levels are welcome.