Name: Edward Gillman

Role: PA Intern 2011

Nationality: British

Education: BA Fine Art Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

London Art Portfolio is an intimate and welcoming organization. The studio is foremost a philanthropic environment that has been an endearing experience to be involved in.

This was especially evident through the summer workshops at City Hall responding to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in regular contact with individuals, organizations and institutions of international backgrounds. The breadth of social dialogue I encountered as a result of my involvement at London Art Portfolio has enabled me to gain a high level of personal progression both personally and professionally.

Julia’s enthusiasm to share, educate and communicate builds a strong rapport with everyone she meets and I feel that over my time at London Art Portfolio that so much is definitely true for myself. The degree of reverence she has shown at all times has been truly heartfelt. I know that my time in the Tower Bridge studios will enable me to grow and develop professionally but I will always remember my first steps here at London Art Portfolio.

Whats Next?

I am aiming to complete my degree and progress onto an MRes in a theoretical or philosophical field in reference to contemporary art practice.


Name: Sanaz Movahedi

Role: Graphic Artist/Social Network/Admin Intern 2011

Nationality: British

Education: Graphic Design at UAL London College of Communication

I worked for LAP in 2011 where I was involved in design and administrative aspects. I helped Julia gather and contact potential clients and schools; I would also make calls and help as a general assistant.

I designed the banners on the website using my skills in collage and graphic design. For the blog, I helped design the main header, creating each letter to have its own unique identity. I was in charge of all management and updates of the blog in 2011, through this I gained skills in how to research and document.

Whats Next?

I started my Degree in Graphic Design at University of Arts London at London College of Communication soon after finishing my internship with Julia. I hope to work as a Graphic Designer or Illustrator in the future.


Name: Mothiur Rahman

Role: Graphic Design Intern 2011, 2012

Nationality: British

Education: Graphic Design at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design

As an intern for London Art Portfolios, my role as a graphic designer and a general handy man solving problems Julia has which has resulted in my nickname of Magic Man.

As a Graphic designer I helped with a lot of the initial and current promotional products; leaflet design, initial business card designs, pamphlet design, poster design, designing the LAP twitter background, design & refinement of banners for the website and line art designs of London landmarks.

I have skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign where I have used all three throughout my time at LAP.

I also helped around the main website and such elements like; general website management, Cropping, Resizing and uploading all the images on the website and also help with website layout and function.

I also created the blog adding a custom design to give it a unique feel, designing the LAP blog background with the line artwork I made, and additionally I helped refine the main banner you see right at the top.

In the earlier stages of the company I also delivered LAP publicity materials to many of London’s Schools and University’s.


Name: Cassie Pryce

Role: PA Intern 2012

Nationality: British

Education: Graphic Design, graduated July 2011 with a First Class Honours

As a PA Intern at London Art Portfolio, my role included assisting Julia with her email correspondence and diary management, as well as dealing with client enquiries.

Luckily, my Graphic Design background was also put to good use as I was able to help out with the design and production of promotion material for London Art Portfolio. Blogging and updating our social media platforms and website was also part of my role, as well as building up relationships with English Language Schools around the capital.

I have certainly learned a lot from working with Julia at LAP and it’s such a friendly, relaxed studio to work in – I will miss the chocolate biscuits!

What’s next?

I am hoping to move into the world of interior styling and decoration as the next step of my career.


Name: Kait Brudzinski

Role: Admin/Account/Social Network Intern 2012

Nationality: American

Education: History of Art at Goldsmiths University of London, completed 2012.

While working at London Art Portfolio I became queen of the excel spreadsheet. Putting to the test my inherent organizational skills I have set up and added to lists of clients and accounts, art galleries, artists and tutor contacts.

The tasks that I was given included working on long term projects including the brainstorm and initial steps towards London Art Portfolio’s involvement in the 2012 Olympics. Along with this I have added substantial posts to our London Art Portfolio blog having to do with recent art exhibitions happening around London, places of interest for visitors, and information texts having to do with the recent British Jubilee celebration. Through my roll in the progression of these assignments I have learned how to remain organized while multitasking as well as improve on my communication within a group context – skills that I am happy to bring to my next occupation.

What’s Next?

Sadly my student visa is running out and I am returning back to my motherland to Denver Colorado. I plan on working at a museum there and save some money with the intention of coming back to London for my Masters Degree. Until then I’m a Londoner at heart.


Name: Sasha Krylova

Role: Social Network Intern 2012

Nationality: Russian

Education: BA in Creative Industries at Regents College, London

I always wanted to work in a friendly, creative and lively environment such as LAP. Our director Julia is a very successful woman, very encouraging and graceful. It was a pleasure to be part of the team!

My work in the beginning was more focused on Public Relations, such as dealing with Art magazines such as Creative Review, Vogue Education, Aesthetica and many more; newspapers and even radio regarding advertorials, I learnt so much from this!

I then was responsible for the LAP blog: finding the best exhibitions and exciting events for our readers to learn about. Other social media networks were also important to work with such as Twitter. We really value our friendship with clients from around the world who support and follow LAP or just keep in touch on a daily basis.