Visual Arts Tutor

London Art Portfolio is looking for a range of tutors that can offer a variety of skills and that specialise in different mediums. Joining the London Art Portfolio tutor directory is ideal for freelancers with their own design or artist studio work, as we can offer flexible time for tutoring around your current commitments.

London Art Portfolio is looking to expand its team in all areas of what we deliver through our courses and 1-1 tutorials in:

  • Fine Art
  • Fashion
  • Textiles
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D Product Design
  • Architecture
  • Photography

We support our students through their applications for Foundation, Degree and Masters. In addition, we assist professionals looking to change or enhance their careers, professional job interviews or those starting up their own companies. Our clients, of all ages and abilities, often require bespoke programmes to support their development, skills and knowledge within a creative, engaging and encouraging environment.

Within our team we have a variety of different specialist area backgrounds, different nationalities and cultures, different ages and different levels of education and experience. This is something we pride ourselves on at London Art Portfolio.

At London Art Portfolio we select particular specialist tutors to deliver certain portfolio course workshops and bespoke 1-1 tutorial sessions. We take care in considering the ideal tutor for the specific class being delivered, depending on the skills, techniques and knowledge required for the tutoring session.

We are open to active, committed and friendly artists and designers with an interest in art education and creative support. We would like clearly high calibre candidates who are well qualified and who can offer advice and share knowledge in the creative process of a portfolio project and in building a strong, successful body of work.

We are looking to increase our tutors in all areas of art and design, however should you have a particular area or skill that you are interested in tutoring, we are open to your suggestions and proposals.