Parent Recommendations

   Name: Caroline Huerlimann

   Parent of: Michael Huerlimann

   Nationality: British and Swiss

   University: Kingston University London

   Course: Fashion BA (Hons)

“We found LAP by pure chance on the internet and were first impressed and attracted by the website and not long after, one phone call with Julia Dennis meant that I was absolutely convinced that this was the right place for our son,

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who was looking to apply for a place at a university in or near London to study Fashion. Our conversation convinced me that we were dealing with a professional, who had an enormous amount of experience in the field and who would definitely devote her energies to helping Michael to achieve his goals. We knew Michael wouldn’t have the experience to put an acceptable portfolio together on his own and this 12 week course at LAP was the best decision we ever took for him to fulfil the first step of his dreams.
I very much appreciated, as a parent, being kept informed about Michael’s progress and development on a regular basis and I felt secure that he was in the best of hands, especially as he was away from home in a big city like London. I love the fact that Michael had the opportunity to go to lots of exhibitions and to work with other students of other nationalities who had the same sort of dreams.
Thank you Julia and your team for your dedication and your enthusiasm, which I am sure Michael, will always be grateful for.”

   Name: Diane Bulmer

   Parent of: Kate Rucker

   Nationality: British

“Julia is very creative, patient and very supportive to her students, she gives a hint or a push when needed then leaves it to the student.

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Julia has a positive,enthusiastic professional manner as well as a friendly relationship when working on a one on one basis with her students. Julia aids her students to extend their skills and knowledge so they start to feel more confident in their own ability.”

   Name: Charlotte Vohtz

   Parent of: Sandra Vohtz

   Nationality: Danish

   University: University of Brighton

   Course: Fine Art Painting BA (Hons)

“My daughter had lost her inspiration and felt she needed a helping hand to put together a winning portfolio to be able to secure a place at University level.

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I’m so happy we found Julia, she is extremely experienced and you can feel her inspirational energy as soon as you enter the room. My daughter got her confidence back and made immediate progress.
Julia’s approach was to inspire and guide but not take over allowing my daughter to prepare her portfolio in a constructive, winning manner. Thanks to Julia, I’m so grateful for giving my daughter that extra little push, whereby she secured a place at Brighton Arts School BA Painting Degree.”

“Min datter havde mistet sin inspiration og følte, at hun havde brug for en hjælpende hånd til at sammensætte en vindende portefølje for at sikre en plads på universitetsniveau.
Jeg er så glad for vi fandt Julia, er hun ekstremt erfaren og du kan mærke hendes inspirerende energi, så snart du kommer ind i lokalet. Min datter fik sin tillid tilbage og gjorde øjeblikkelig fremskridt.
Julias fremgangsmåde var at inspirere og vejlede, men ikke overtage. Min datter fik sammensat et vindende portefølje takket være Julia. Jeg er så taknemmelig for at hun gav min datter det ekstra lille skub, hvorved hun fik sikret en plads på Brighton Arts School BA Fine Art Painting.”

   Name: Elaine Conceição Dini

   Parent of: George Mantripp

   Nationality: Brazilian

   University: Staffordshire University

   Course:Transport Design BA (Hons)

“The school has a happy and friendly environment and Julia Dennis being the tutor shows ability to work well with students of different age groups, ability levels, and ethnic backgrounds.

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She is well a organised and confidant teacher and her students respond well to her directions, respect her as a teacher and learn in the positive atmosphere she creates in her classroom.
I strongly recommend London Art Portfolio School for all Art positions.”