Personal Development

Personal Development Recommendations

   Name: Annabelle Gee

   Nationality: Canada

   University: University of Edinburgh

   Course: MSc Degree in Informatics

“Being a science graduate, I was certain that my artistic interests would have to take a permanent backseat. I decided to do this course to explore how far I could go with my art, and where I wanted to take it, and Julia made me realise that I don’t have to “settle”.

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Artistically I can continue to develop, grow, and complete projects – with the right tools and of course, the right attitude.
Thanks to this course, I began to understand the value of practising and honing your craft. It is important to know how to build a project from the ground up, with time and perseverance, but it is also important to back up your ideas with practiced skill. We went on trips to museums in order to draw, draw, draw. My favourite pieces of mine come from things that I drew on these trips.
Of course, practical benefits aside, the course itself is great fun. I met lovely and interesting people in the course, and Julia herself is fantastic and encouraging. When you see other people at work, it is a stimulating creative environment, and there is so much you can learn from each other.
Now, I will be starting a MSc in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, but I have gained the knowledge and confidence to take my art seriously and work on my projects in my own time, including a line of prints based on some of the work I did during the course.
This course helped me rediscover my motivation and passion for art, and my confidence in my abilities. Producing a portfolio of work is immensely satisfying, and even if it is not your intention to apply for formal courses in art, it is a confidence-boosting, worthwhile effort.”