Physical Portfolio Preparation

Physical Portfolio Preparation

At London Art Portfolio you will receive quality bespoke feedback on your personal requirements, which can either lead to any of the following:

  • a successful University or Foundation art and design portfolio
  • a professional portfolio for practicing artists or designers for job and exhibition applications
  • a personal development of an existing art and design portfolio which can lead to more innovative ideas and concepts
  • a personal development portfolio which will inspire a desire to learn more about art and design

Your portfolio is a necessary part of application process, without a super strong portfolio you are not guaranteed a place. London Art Portfolio can support you through this whole process.

Portfolio Outline

It is important that your portfolio reflects something that is individual to you. It is essential to share your creative process of thinking through your ideas in your artwork. We encourage you to express your personal interests through a range of materials and mediums with specialist staff, including 2D, 3D and moving image, whilst also providing evidence of intellectual enquiry within your work. Thus inspiring you to follow a creative journey with much experimentation and reflection, logging your work in progress along your way.  It is important to demonstrate how you have managed to resolve visual and conceptual problems, which have in turn led to a series of innovative outcomes. The end purpose, is for both universities and employers, to discover the qualities that are unique to you. We stress that it is ‘Your Creative Journey’ that really matters!

LAP – Physical Portfolio Preparation Support includes:

  • Introduction to fundamentals of drawing
  • Introduction to research methods and processes
  • Continual development of sketchbooks, log book and research folder
  • Project development
  • Idea development/research for project
  • Exploration of new materials and mediums
  • Introduction to new drawing techniques including collage etc
  • Model making (great for all specialist areas of art and design).
  • Review initial ideas extend further after model making and create final ideas.
  • Start portfolio preparation
  • Layout and presentation
  • Titling of portfolio
  • Finalisation of portfolio preparation for interviews

Some Art and Design Portfolio Preparation Course tutees also choose to book One-One Tutorials for finalising the organisation of their portfolio and their online Foundation, UCAS or Masters applications. As well as professional development and a change in career.

The whole process is very bespoke led which is ideal for your University applications.

Physical portfolio preparation is covered through the course programme and bespoke 1-1 tutorials. The choice is yours!