Architecture Portfolio Preparation

“After every tutorial, I would have a structured list of what I had to complete for my year 2 portfolio development. This helped me a lot, so I knew exactly what I had to do. In the tutorials I learnt new skills and techniques which generally wouldn’t be taught at university… I like the fact my tutor Sanaa (ex Bartlett) paid attention… because this shows the amount of effort LAP invests in the smallest detail.” – Shanice, BSc (Hons) Degree Architecture, University of East London

3D and Architectural Design portfolios need to be innovative. London Art Portfolio encourages you to consider the aesthetic quality of what you design and make, whilst examining technical and environmental issues. Your role as a 3D designer can have a powerful impact on the community and society at large. You need to master design from conception to production and try to push conventional limits to design new products. You need to be a creative, independent thinker who can visualise in 3D, make a quick sketch become an idea; then make preliminary maquettes become a life size reality and innovative design!

If you have that basic 3D vision and ambition and want to learn how to enrich your portfolio for an application contact London Art Portfolio. We can help you learn through sketching, making and playing in three dimensions; experiment in a range of materials, improve drawing skills and utilise the computer too.

We will visit exhibitions at the design museum; learn about architecture, product design, toy design, appliances and automisation, plus the small finer pieces of 3D design such as jellewery. The choice is yours!

You will build up a knowledge and awareness of traditional craft and production processes as well as 3D digital technologies such as laser cutting, rapid prototyping and computer-aided milling to prepare for an interview. This will also help you how to decide which course to apply and where?