Fine Art

Fine Art Portfolio Preparation

“Julia is an amazing and very skilled art tutor, her positive energy and incredible wide knowledge makes everything seem so easy. In just a few weeks I regained my self-confidence and developed my art much further than I had dreamed.” – Sandra

Fine Art portfolio preparation at London Art Portfolio will allow you to discover the value of art in culture and society, while exploring your personal direction. You need to develop your own critical understanding of a range of contemporary, historical and international contexts. With London Art Portfolio you will develop a solid ground in traditional and current changes in the visual fine arts. It is essential to have an awareness of historical and cultural development through time, in order to inspire your creative process. Equally you need to demonstrate a knowledge of the contemporary visual art world, concepts and processes. Together this will increase your critical and contextual awareness of different perspectives and approaches within fine art. London Art Portfolio will encourage you to research and develop new ideas, concepts and skills exploring a variety of mediums and materials.

Working one-to-one in a tutorial or in a group, you will be challenged to develop a visual language that will reflect how you respond to things around you. You will be visiting galleries and museums in and around London where you will get a sense of becoming part of a visual arts community exploring paint, digital, sculpture, photography, video/film and installation. London Art Portfolio will help you decide what area within Fine Art you may like to specialise in, critical and contextual contemporary practices and theory playing an important part.