Photography Portfolio Preparation

“Her personable approach made the process so much more clear, and assisted me in efficiently implementing and exploring different approaches. A welcoming independent, knowledgeable support to me as I developed my professional artistic aspirations.” – Anne, MA Photography, Central Saint Martins

Photography portfolio preparation at London Art Portfolio encourages you to create visual ideas and capture moments in time with your camera.

Photography today gives you the opportunity to cross-over areas of fine art, documentary, fashion, editorial and advertising photography. Your portfolio can therefore have a multi-genre approach to photography spanning fine art, documentary and commercial practice or it can focus on one of these specialist areas depending on what level you are applying for.

Contextual studies are also a key element of portfolio development. We introduce you to a wide range of cutting-edge and historical photographic practices, encouraging you to debate and analyse your work in preparation for interviews, which will enhance your practical work in the process.

We make maximum use of the rich culture that London has to offer our portfolio students. London’s art centres’, museums and galleries provide superb stimuli for project work. There are some amazing locations and events for a photographer to visit, discover and photograph in this great city!

London Art Portfolio can help you place your photography within the context of contemporary art practices and theories. This will help you establish a dialogue between theory and practice.