Textiles Design

Textile Design Portfolio Preparation

” … workspace is welcoming and comfortable which provides a great atmosphere where you can develop your work. (…) I would just like to say I’m really grateful for her time and experience and I’m so pleased to say that I’ve been accepted by more than one University including my first choice. This would not have been possible without the help of Julia.” – Marcos from Brazil, MA Textile Design, Winchester School of Art

Textile Design is often very often very hands-on and involves many hours work experimenting and manipulating various materials, processes and technique whilst learning about print, knit, weave, stitch and colour dyes.

In addition you need to explore and experiment with a range of materials such as silks, leather, eco fabrics and plastics. Your portfolio needs to demonstrate knowledge and skills in observational drawing in a range of mediums and materials, textile design processes, repeat pattern, the use of CAD for textiles, and learn how to create and make textile swatches for fashion, interior or industrial design.

You should be informed by historical, cultural and technical knowledge alongside the practical experience of making textiles. Visits to museums and drawings will help to enrich and support such research. London Art Portfolio will increase your awareness of the professional context of the textile industry, including traditional and new technologies alongside the practice of textile design, innovation and personal identity which must be very evident in your portfolio .

Here at London Art Portfolio we will help you to prepare a portfolio demonstrating your understanding of Textile Design and give you the confidence to reach such goals.

Graduates of a degree program in textile design can go on to create textiles in a variety of industries and at a variety of career levels.