Professional One-One

One – One Professional Development Tutorials

£168 per 2 hr session.
Prices inclusive of 20% VAT*

One-One Tutorials are a great opportunity for you to receive quality bespoke feedback on your personal requirements, which can either lead to a successful professional portfolio, or inspire innovative ideas and concepts, alongside the exploration of materials, process and technique for a more skills-based professional development focused on your individual needs.

One-One Tutorials can be booked weekdays, evenings and weekends depending on your availability and that of the professional we place you with. We try to be flexible and offer a choice of pay-as-you-go or block booking.

Beginners to advanced level are welcome.

Each One-One Tutorial booking is delivered in 2-hour minimum sessions. During each session you will then be set specific tasks to learn or improve that relate to your personal needs. At the end of each session an ‘Independent Study’ outline will be discussed and drawn up for you to follow through in your own time. The whole process is very bespoke led which is ideal for your professional development.