4 Week Summer Portfolio Course

Enrich and extend your portfolio this summer!

London Art Portfolio offers a 4-week summer portfolio course programme that can build and add to your portfolio preparation.

The 4 week Summer Portfolio Course is ideal for those of you who might be in London and Europe for a shorter period of time. This summer portfolio course can offer you the opportunity to save on accommodation cost too.


You can save 15% off your tuition fees by paying early.

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Received before 14th June 2019

Commencing before: 13th December 2019

How much is this course? £1,593 (incl 20% VAT)

15% Discount Offer: £1355 (incl 20% VAT)

A 4 Week Summer Portfolio Course is ideal for clients who want to invest some weeks or months into developing their art or design work leading towards building up a portfolio for a Foundation Course, Degree, Masters, professional development and a change in career. Beginners to advanced level are welcome.

It is also perfect for an artist or designer, who wants to get back to fine art painting, designing or making again! You will receive professional advice on how to progress as an artist or designer and have lots of fun doing it!

What we offer:  The London Art Portfolio, 4 Week Portfolio Preparation Course programme, can help you prepare a portfolio for a number of different specialist fields within art and design. These include Fine Art, Fashion Design, Architecture and 3D Design and Graphic Design plus more.

The week consists of 28 hours. You will receive up to up to 16 hours of tuition per week plus free studio and desk space until 4 pm Monday – Thursday.

Some sessions are from 9 am -12 noon, others are from 9 am-3 pm. Each day starts at 9 am. Lunch is 12 noon – 1 pm.

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Monday – Thursday
9am – 4pm
16 days
Price: £1,593
15% Discount Price: £1355
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1st July – 25th July 2019

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